Monday, March 9, 2009

Boys go Hiking

So the boys and I were off to the slightly mountainous area of Magaliesburg for a hike. Well, get five gay boys in one BM convertible and naturally what will follow is a few beers, a spliff and suddenly fags are hanging out the car screaming odd randoms at strangers, "Aaa-yo...aaaa-bo, woooh-ya".
So the hike was more like a spring break party for a bunch of eager horny teenage girls, tits hanging out and all!
That being said, we were all very well behaved in the end, considering how it could have gotten.

The hike is a short one to the pools, which is really the point. We got there and swam a bit, once the rain seemed like it was building it was a case of 'see if it gets worse or get the hell out of there now!' i was not going to be involved in a news headline "Gays lost on Family hike", so....

...once we returned from the majestic rock pools, we were all ready to cook meat and chow down. unfortunately, yours truly, really came unprepared. Without a plate or spice or even a god damn fork to atleast turn the meat I was left to burn my precious fingers in order to not seem like a total tool. This only after one Mary in particular jam packed the meat on a fire that was near dead. so of course it was a case of removing the meat, re-stacking the fire and blowing. Blowing real good and in a moment the wors was ready.
Now when we were eating a warthog and her baby decided to try beg from us. of course I have a stead fast rule, like a domestic dispute next door, when it comes to wildlife and food never get involved. Never! Obviously the couple of pigs just went to the picnic basket of the hikers having a braai next to us, who had left their stuff for quite a while. Still, i have that rule, do not get involved. Danny to the rescue!
On the ride home, the sunburn was setting in and the sixth awful castle beer was also settling in, I needed something ice cold and super strong to settle me down. We all cracked a shot of Jagermeister, busted a small jam in Kroeg and parted, to kiss the pillow after an amazing day.
Next trip I think will be rafting...lets see how it goes;-)