Friday, June 5, 2009

To shock the girls!

So, one night in London involved four beautiful women, a roof patio in Earls Court and one little herbal e for little old me:-)

Naturally my excitement starts to build as the apparently weak e starts to knock me off my tits and slowly these four women get some very juicy information out of me.

If I can give any gay man advice on how to shock and amaze a girlfriend, in my case four girlfriends, just mention any orgy you have ever been involved in. Now dont pretend you have never found yourself in a situation that included so many arms and legs you would swear Hindu's were praying to you, hehehe. Mine was a fairly memorable experience in a penthouse of a Hotel in Johannesburg. I have never seen mouths open so wide in amazement in my whole entire life. the girls came in closer as if we were talking in confidence. Even the Lady Gaga look alike beauty from Jozzie had to calm down from her role as sole entertainer to try absorb the fascination that is a gay mans sex life:-)

After all the chit chat of sex, dildos and rubber cock rings with vibrating abilities it was time to let the herbal mother fucking e to rage through my blood like a car raging through the streets in a scene from Fast and the Furious. I slipped on a hoody and busted a jam overlooking all these amazing roof tops until my body could no longer stand.

Awesome night girls!!!

So happy hunting guys:-D

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Leanne said...

Good post - lovely photo of you on the tube!

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