Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Animal Sex...? Is there an easy way to address the topic.

So, if you have been following you would have seen that I have been pertaining certain characteristics of a certain animal to characteristics you might find in a lover or yourself.  To my surprise I had an influx of emails about screwing animals, where on can do this in South Africa and more specifically in Johannesburg.   How huge is bestiality in life today?  And in South Africa?

"SPCA spokesperson Christine Kuch said: "As much as it is by nature a hidden crime, many incidents are slowly coming to the forefront. Now, more than ever, animals are being violated because a misconception exists that having sex with an animal minimises the risks of contracting HIV. She mentioned that recently a three-month-old puppy had been "raped" and left at their offices in Sandton. Police are investigating but no one has been arrested." - this is a little bit of information that I pulled off the net that really disgusted me.

Am I to believe that this is an acceptable practice, whether it be based on a misconceived notion of safer sex or whether it's just another kink to some people, is this honestly something that is on the up and up?  Since when did we stop fucking each other and start fucking animals?  And what is it about an animal that would turn someone on?

I personally have been scared when it comes to animals... I was molested by a very large dog when I was a little boy.  How you might be wondering yet I am sure there are more readers who might have lived a similar ordeal.  I was playing in a friends garden when their large, Male lab started to get involved.  Eventually he jumped on top of me, pushing me to the ground and began going at it.  Of course I was too young to know what was going on but upon growing up I have since learnt that that Goddamn dog pounced on me and started fucking me till it came on my clothes.  Gross.  Naturally I am not a big fan of animals on heat and always take precautions when meeting a new 'mans best friend'.

I got this little bit of info from Wiki:

Africa: Among the Maasai, it was customary for older boys to have sexual relations with she-asses. Young Riffian boys (a Morrocan tribe) also had sexual liaisons with female asses. Among the Tswana of Africa, boys assigned to the care of cattle frequently engaged in zoosexual activity. It was also common in the Gusti tribes and considered rather harmless, but boys were reprimanded and warned against this activity. The fishermen of the East African coast "from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean" are said to have had regular coitus with female dugong carcasses.

So, in my opinion I suggest that the day that animal turns around and says: "Please fuck my brains out" I think it best we just find another way of getting our rocks off... maybe try fucking a Bear???  As you can see from the most X-rated pic you will ever see on my blog, below.  Does that not seem a lot better than sticking it into a horse?


DeepBlue said...

Oh! What can I say... Some people just cannot read or don't take the time to look up what unknown words mean like totem and such...
And if people are afraid of STD, well there are things called condom you know.... ;)
And anyways, God knows what kind of disease you can catch from fucking a goat... Eeew! :(~

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

You're right, there's really not an easy way to address this subject. But, I think you did a good job.

nemo said...

animeal sex @@ !!!

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