Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Poster art and Book covers... decisions, decisions.

 We go through life making decisions based on the fact that we think that the outcome will be best for us, for our own personal growth and development and our general well being.  Our outward appearance sometimes plays a part in what those closest to us think of us.  In love, should an appearance ever hinder your impression of a lover?  Can we make decisions based on this?  How do we know what is the right decision, and the hurt that can come from that said decision, will it leave us with a feeling of remorse?

In relationships we often find ourselves in a situation where we have to decide on a route of action.  More often than not we regret our decisions based on the “What could have been principle”, but are we too proud to admit we were wrong?  Does life have to change in admitting our mistakes?  Or is it just part of growing up?  When did our pride override our hearts? 

I have a friend who I we met a long time ago when I started following her blog and she is madly in love with a man,.  He is absolutely dreamy; handsome, smart, attentive and devoted.  She just recently broke up with him because she feels he does not see her for the person she really is.  She blames her blog.  She feels her writing left more of an imprint on him than she ever could.  Can an impression leave a lasting imprint on a persons mind?  Do we fall in love with the idea of a person?  And can love ever-just break all barriers, transform opinions and reshape an ideal of our universe?   

This kick started a chain of thoughts; is my appearance making a clear depiction of the person I am, is my writing closer to the real Juanne-Pierre than I would like to admit and are people ever really willing to get to know a person without any prejudices or judgments? 
My tattoos are distinctive and personalized to suite a certain aspect in my life that I have lived through and learnt from.  They reflect something very personal to me however, are the tattoos a representation of a person a little far removed from the person I am and can something as unique as an individual’s personal choice in appearance really juxtapose the person we are actually trying to reflect?   So how far apart is the man I am, the man I want to be and the man I appear to be?

If I were to be a writer, would I have to reflect an image that says I can write?  Would no tattoos, a softer mid section and fuzzy hair imply that I sit in front of my mac all day writing, ergo I am a writer?  Or have we as society misplaced the sense of propriety in terms of the image should fit the profession?

In the end I believe we are all multi faceted individuals who choose to express ourselves in different forms.  Do we choose to express all of these facets in our outward appearance or just one?  If I look at myself I would say I am a writer, photographer, hiker, swimmer, film buff, short story reader, smoker, stoner, very sexual … now which of these would I choose to portray and why?
I chose the one that involves someone else.  And by that I mean, I portray the aspect of myself that actually requires another person and not something I do alone.  In high insight I read alone, watch film alone and critique them, write on my own and read, smoke alone, get high alone and take my camera out and about alone.  Therefore my sexual nature was the one I acted on.  Is this the best portrayal of what exactly I have to offer… maybe what I have to offer on one particular night.

I still believe never to judge a book by its cover however you can judge a film based on the poster, so the real trick is differentiating between the people that are films or books in life.

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