Friday, March 26, 2010


The man thats never satisfied. The man with the hot boyfriend but still needs more. The man where one is not enough. The man thats tweaked out of his mind, the man that has lube and domes strapped to an armband tightly wrapped high up on his arm and v-pills hooked onto his belt. The man that takes more than one cock at once, a man with who has too much space to fill.

The possessive guy that hounds his free spirited boyfriend like a hawk soaring high in the sky two eyes focused firmly on what he thinks is his. He flaunts his lover. He shows him off, parading him as if he were the prize horse at a race track, for others to marvel in yet no man may kiss, touch, flirt or even speak to the beautiful specimen of man!

This is such a tricky one to try write about... I have a few stories but they all border on gross instead of dark comedy, i mean everything you just read I have been a first hand eye witness to all of it... and in some cases a little too close for comfort.

So if you have a story of a 'greedy' lover let me know...


Becareful boys, he wants whats not his, funny how Wrath seems to be right behind Envy topping it like a bear in a harness, having his way with a hungry bottom-cub in the roughest gay porn you've ever seen!
Envy likes the thrill of getting what he cant have, it is his fuel that pumps his engine full! He will chase it till he has the sweet sweet flavour rolling round inside his mouth, like a soft summer chilled grape, he crushes the the sweet flesh till the sensational glucose rich syrup runs out onto his soft lips. There is no desire more desired. He has gone from player to addict.

Well a couple comes his way. He is really into the one guy. Strong arms and a trucker cap...just works. Now the plan is for all to play together like kids on one of those spinning jungle gyms, in the park, each one has a turn pushing and each has a turn riding however it turned out that when the time came to play the hot one was only available, so he does it...anyway! He is pulling his pants back on and about to leave when the boyfriend arrives. Tension builds in the air as a relationships starts to crash right in front of his eyes. He makes a break for it just in time to avoid any confrontation but he is the cause of all the trouble. The sweet taste of someone else's bitterness...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Wow. Ok… so there is the fat gross rich foreigner who sits at a table for two, alone waiting patiently for some young naïve, financially dependent twink to prance by his table and give him a look, any look. He waits to buy the twink too many drinks. He waits to own his ass. He waits to lie on his back while the twink does all the work riding him like an old ride at Ratanga junction.

There is also the hot tattooed foreigner who stands near the shiny reflecting mirror waiting for something with a great smile to say hello. He waits for something with biceps to say hello. He waits for something with tattoos to say hello. He waits to lie on his stomach while something hot rides him, like a surfer riding a tunnel, smooth!

Greed often holds Sloth’s hand in the context of my little story here but the main difference being that Sloth does very little to get off, like a religious girl after four years of marriage, it just lies there and takes it.

Cubicles that open up onto hallways that meet each other lit by a smoky red light. A maze for sex and there he lies in one of the cubicles with his legs spread and face lying flat on the pillow, porn playing in the background and the smell of poppers wafting out the doorway filling the already sweaty smelling air with its fumes. Sounds of men groans echoing threw the hallway and there he lies, on his stomach waiting for a man to enter! Men go in, men come out and there he lies on his stomach letting them enter.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There is the drinker and the eater.The eater is that over weight guy sitting in a cruising bar chowing down on a greasy sandwich with extra chips, returning to the bar in 20min intervals for a stick of dry wors followed by the ridiculous coke light. Now i get the calorie counting when one is on a diet but munching on terrible food and then guzzling down the coke with the gross taste is not going to help at all. Put down the fork and he might get some real meat in his mouth... is that not the point of a cruising bar?
The drinker is the guy that tries to be best friends with the barman. It slips his mind that a
barman is working and if he is a real barman he could probably drink you under the counter all on your tab. He drinks too much too quickly and the end result will not be very desirable.

He is the straight boy, nervous, scared, excited as he sits in a steam and leisure joint waiting to find something that will tickle his fancy. He is drinking too much!
He is already hammered and the night is just beginning. Why is he naked? Granted he is in a place where one only has to wear a towel but christ, could he not even keep that on. He stumbles around flirting with anything that might flirt back. Not only did he check his pants at the door but his dignity as well.