Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, there I was, busting a jam in a club in Porto when suddenly out of nowhere a rather unusual looking Portuguese man with flowing long light brown hair decides to dance with me. Usually I ignore those that try to dance with me in the middle of a groove as it just cramps my style

however this man seemed to be on top form so I gave him a chance.

After one too many cervaja's I decided I wanted to smack a kiss on the face of this man that I probably wont see again…

Why not you may ask, as I asked the very same thing. I am on VA-CA and in the holiday mood and his English is reduced to a few words or compliments should I say, "You are beautiful man", "You're eyes is nice" and "You're feet are good" which at first I did not understand until he pointed to my feet and I realised he just liked my moves on the dance floor.

Thankfully I mastered the word Obrigado and we were in some sort of conversation.

…back to the point. I went in for a quick little curiosity snog on those soft lips before I could whisper Bom Noite into his ears.

Then he whips out a map… weird… points to it and says "Where you stay". Hold on cowboy; I was just looking for a light make out session so I pointed a little to the left. He whips out a pen, circles a bus stop and writes 10H00 on it… weird.

Throwing caution to the wind, I wake up the next day and go to the stop. At first I felt like an idiot waiting for I don't know what but as 207 approaches I see that that cute, unusual looking Portuguese boy is none other than the god damn bus driver and for a moment the snob in me is mortified.

So I get on the bus and only moments later the explorer in me realises I would not have seen the city the way I did. He even packed a lunch for us with wine and I quickly realised that this was one of the sweetest dates I have ever been on. Moxi for improv.

All I can say is snog who you like but don't give it up all at once, you never know when you will be treated like a prince…ss, hehehe.

Happy Hunting guys

Sunday, June 7, 2009

To make an Exit...

So, its my last night in London Town and funny this, since I got my ticket for Portugal its been raining and cold as if London Town's upset I am leaving it, hehehe I have such a glorious time here with the sights and the parks...not so much the feels kinda like London is stuck in 1997 but hey!

So this is a simple shout out to T, the one that made London into nothing I expected, change the way I feel about a city and also reaffirm the things as to why I am not a city boy. Its draining on the soul to try take part in the rat race as the race doesn't start from the beginning just because you arrived nor is it about passing you a batten so you can try keep up. It's like the mid mar mile, you either sink or swim, it's up to you.

So remember those that love you and those you love in return...the ones that make life, life, the ones for the good and the bad and especially those that listen to you and those you give your undivided attention to. Respect yo, hehehehe.

So now begins the track across some of Europe's most amazing beaches and a tan that can last throughout the year...

Happy tracking guys:-D

Friday, June 5, 2009

To shock the girls!

So, one night in London involved four beautiful women, a roof patio in Earls Court and one little herbal e for little old me:-)

Naturally my excitement starts to build as the apparently weak e starts to knock me off my tits and slowly these four women get some very juicy information out of me.

If I can give any gay man advice on how to shock and amaze a girlfriend, in my case four girlfriends, just mention any orgy you have ever been involved in. Now dont pretend you have never found yourself in a situation that included so many arms and legs you would swear Hindu's were praying to you, hehehe. Mine was a fairly memorable experience in a penthouse of a Hotel in Johannesburg. I have never seen mouths open so wide in amazement in my whole entire life. the girls came in closer as if we were talking in confidence. Even the Lady Gaga look alike beauty from Jozzie had to calm down from her role as sole entertainer to try absorb the fascination that is a gay mans sex life:-)

After all the chit chat of sex, dildos and rubber cock rings with vibrating abilities it was time to let the herbal mother fucking e to rage through my blood like a car raging through the streets in a scene from Fast and the Furious. I slipped on a hoody and busted a jam overlooking all these amazing roof tops until my body could no longer stand.

Awesome night girls!!!

So happy hunting guys:-D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

To swim or not to pond perils!

So, the heat amounted to something worth a dip in some water but where to go when you are in London? I did not want to go to a public swimming pool, if there are any, I think its just a little gross and you can really do that anywhere. i wanted to do something no one gets to do in London Town. So after a few searches I came across a little place in the north called Hampstead Heath. A beautiful little park with ponds, like little duck ponds. So I got on the underground and made my way to the north to go have a look. When I got there to my surprise I find out that it's in fact really quit cool and also a feeding ground for men on the cruising prowl. Naturally I was there just to take a dip in the cool water, that turned out to be really fucking cold, hehehe, and I was going to bypass anyone interested in a quickie in the park.

But trust the old faithful little speedo to work its magic. Once I got out the water my body was so tight from the freezing water that every little goose bumps just looked hot and everyone wanted to have a chat with the guy in the little green speedo. As I maneuvered through the crowd to try find a spot on the grass where I could lie down and soak up some sun and try equalize my body temp I noticed something with really remarkable eyes. Bingo, I want to lie next to that!!!

After a long time of sitting in the sun, flashing the goods I turned to the blue eyes and asked if he was going to swim. Suddenly this rather watered down Scottish accent started to talk, gotta love the way they roll those r's, even better than the Afrikaans boys back home, hahaha. It did not take long before we moved off to a quieter part of the park where we could really just talk about shit, he grew up here, I grew up there, I like sex in thunderstorms, he likes to shag in the sun and blah blah blah! Do have a new found respect for the Scottish:-)
So next time you are thinking whether or not you should jump into cold water, look around to see who is watching, and if its something good, dive baby, dive!!!

Happy hunting, till next time;-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunny London!

So its been a while since the last time I wrote anything but sitting in the sun in England just prompted me to start writing again...
Yes, you could be asking yourself what the hell am I doing in London. so far my response has been "I'm chasing the sun" and funny enough it seems to be working. My tan has never looked so good in the middle of what is suppose to be my winter.
Now what can I say about London Town...? so many people have come out North in search of something...usually that something is themselves however I think I am too old to try find out who I am. For god sake, if I don't know by now I never will. So what the hell am I doing here? I guess trying to reconnect with the person i am suppose to be. So much got lost over the last year and its time to get hold again.
Now after that little slice of pie, lets get down to the real funnies...
Probably the most amazing thing i have done here was spade a man in an unlikely place. I was out to lunch with T's family, so I was on a family thing even though they are not really my family. Suddenly i notice something with curly dark locks just inside the coffee shop. As I turn to T to ask her opinion the dark and curly turns and has a good look at me. Now if this was the gym I would know I was in there and a few seconds later i would be all over him...unfortunately its not the gym, its Canary Wharf, bankers paradise. All these men in suits and some manly women, hehehe. Now of course I thought it would just be bad form of me to go and ask a man in a suit sitting with work colleagues if he would like to go on a date with me seeing how i am involved in a family orientated lunch. But in the end I thought fuckit, I am totally on VA CA which means i am not suppose to be playing it cool, calm and collected. I got my balls together and decided to ask him if he wanted to join me for a beer. Naturally he turned me down, without a good reason but its still no in the end anyway. As I make my way back to T with my balls now in my throat guess who comes running back...dark and curly!!! He said his work colleagues were so impressed with my approach they encouraged him to come back and ask for my number. WOOHOO!!! What an ego boost!
So in the end what I learnt is go for what you want and you might just get it:-) However, once I got it I didn't actually know what to do with it...!?

So I landed up going for a drink with who is now referred to as Frenchie, for the obvious, he's French. The night turned out to be completely worth the effort and the whole damn experience gave me a new sense of confidence. So go for it guys, spade where you can spade and take no prisoners. The world is your oyster so try nab everything you think is worth nabbing, hehehe.

Happy hunting until next time:-)