Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Tea-Bag Quickie

It’s early in the morning and naturally the cold and wet weather has finally caught up with Cape Town.  Starting out with a cup of tea.  Dabbing the bag in and out of the boiling hot water inevitably brings us to dabbing some balls in and out of a mouth.  How many of us actually dabble in tea-bagging, how many don’t go there and how many of us see it as “tea-bagging is my bag… baby”?
So just in case you are unfamiliar with the term that is probably more familiar to you in practice, I will give you the quick run down.  It is not merely sucking on someone’s balls but rather having a pair of balls dangling in front of your face.  And with every dip those balls take, you warm the cockle of its… well… cockle and give a little suck. 

Now when do we know we are going from tea-bagging to ass-o-lingus?  Does the groaning play apart in letting us know?  And do we continue either way?  Sometimes we find the excitement of sexual foreplay so entrancing that ones tongue may slip - in and out - of a part we did not initially expect to be slip and sliding on at all.  Do we have a preference for what we are lapping up, balls or ass?  And more importantly, are we sucking balls for our pleasure or for theirs?  Now if we were licking and sucking for our lovers pleasure then surely any part that brings that said lover pleasure should be fair game.  And similarly, if we are sucking for ourselves then should we not be sucking exactly the part of the body that is giving us so much pleasure.

Getting back to my hot tea on the cold morning, I toss the used bag in the bin and raise one last question… is it intimate or peversive?  Can you tea-bag one and toss the used ‘bag’ in the bin when you are done, ready for a fresh ‘bag’ tomorrow?  Or are you happy reusing the bag you love?

It’s more a case of the type of tea, maybe even brand loyalty.  I am a rooibos kinda guy and stick to it religiously.  Using a new tea-bag in relation to sex is like someone sink washing his junk before climbing on top of me.  It just needs to be done everytime.


jamiessmiles said...

L This made me laugh. Lately I'm personally brand loyal, and yes, new bag everytime.

thegayte-keeper said...


Jj Rodriguez said...

i keep the tea used tea bag in the fridge and put them on my eyes at night...

nice post! new terms for me.. LOL!


Juanne-Pierre said...

Thanks for reading guys:-D