Friday, July 1, 2011

True Blood - All Over My Face

It begins with a bang.  I am hooked as soon as Vampire Bill and the sexy shape shifting Sam brush an almost-almost without their shirts on.  And then to follow it up, the show has these nude werewolves saturate the screen at one point with their beefy, hairy, manly vibe totally oozing off my little flat screen into my eyes and seeping to the back of my brain.  As a man I am sure you can imagine how absolutely delighted I was to be seeing so much blatant agenda pushing… right?  That is what we, as men, all love – nudity.  That is what makes a truly good television program, albeit male nudity these days, but who’s complaining.

Cut back to the story, Bill has been kidnapped after proposing to his love… ah, how beautiful.  Who gives a shit really… I want the chase, the adventure and the fight for love.  I always believed anything that is easy to get is probably not really worth having, so in that regard if it were easy they would not have called it love.

It’s not about that white picket fence, the two and a half children or the giant house with rolling lawns.  That is not what I dream of when I think of loving someone and therefore True Blood always hits close to my little heart.  Granted it is blown out of proportion and that is not exactly a clear indication of the life/love I chase but it represents something cool that appeals.  The chase, the wild sex, the unconditional love, the adventure, the wild sex, the mystery, the passion and the wild sex.  I could do that for the rest of my life. 

And now we get back to the greatest love story still being told… so he has gone missing and with that turn of events the small, meek and bright eyed Sookie has to search for her lover.  Loving the stereotypical gender bending they are doing here.  She finds him, they run, he eats, she leaves, they cry, he fights and then they make love again!  Deliciouso! 

One of my favorite bits, a vampire says to Eric “We have been together so long, how can it be ending so quick?”  It’s a favorite because it got me thinking about so much when it comes to relationships.  It is so true how we can spend so much time with someone but the end is always the same, sudden, and we are all left wondering why did we not have more time together?  Why did we not make more of the time we had together? And why does it have to end?

So, at the risk of sounding too gay I am going to give you three reasons I dig Sookie Stackhouse (and I have tried to relate to a man in the show however they all want a piece of her… ergo I want to be her LMAO):

One - “Sookie is MINE!!!” he says with his dark and sexy voice every once in a while and I am totally turned on by that kind of possession even if it is a case of using manipulation to make her fall for him.

Two - If I am a fairy and Sookie is a fairy… then A should equal B, correct? 

Three – She has a dark side, a very dark side.  Not only is she in love with a dead guy, a man that can drain her of her life and a man who cheated his way into her heart and her life but by the end of season three she is busy disposing the remains of a vampire down a garbage disposal which is really out of the bright shining light character. 

Damn, this show is so hot right now!  And that is season three done for me.


Underground Dude said...

I quit reading once I realized you were reviewing the whole season. I have only seen the first couple episodes of season 3. I am super stoked about the hunky werewolves this season.

Juanne-Pierre said...

haha... I apologize, I always figure that I am the last to watch anything.

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