Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beaking down inside

So, one hits a bump in the road and all aspects in life seem to alter. Its one thing to write about things that are purely homosexual in nature however what I seemed to have realised is that gay or not we as humans still face things that are similiar no matter the creed, color or sexual preference.

Loss is like mathematics, its the same in every language.

Is this what binds us all so inexplicably together, our ability to feel loss? Are we compassionate of each others pains? Or is it true to say you cant count on people to care about your problems, they only care about their own? Maybe its all true. Maybe we need to identify with others pain to feel it, to make it as real as our own. I have always tried to identify with the pain others feel. I have always tried to live as compassionately as possible. I seemed to have lost all priority of who I am and where I am heading. I have been running all over the world to try find my place and in the end I have landed up right back in the house, the room I grew up in. Have I come full circle or is it a case of two steps forward three steps back? Although I am essentially home, I dont know where I am when home is no longer the same place as I remember it.

"His feelings he hides, his dreams he cant find
he's loosing his mind,
he's falling behind,
he cant find his place, he's loosing his faith,
he's falling from grace,
he's all over the place..."

....I want to go home