Thursday, April 29, 2010

Then their career just stopped...Part 1

I love horror films. Just love them! From the German expressionism circa 1919 to some of the stuff they release today. A Nightmare on elm Street is probably the film that started my love for the genre so needless to say I am totally looking forward to the remake of the 1984 classic.

I find horror films so rich with subtext, as it is more about the message than the actual events. Films like "The Last House on the Left" tend to be so difficult to watch as it appears to just be gratuitous violence dripping with disdain. On closer inspection you will see that above it all the movie challenges the audience to make a decision on what is right and what is wrong. How far must one go for revenge before it becomes more than just an eye for an eye?
As I do more research into the world of the horror genre I learn more about the filmmakers and the time they were made. Two films in particular really amaze me and its surprising to find out that the films at the time of release were received so badly that it ended the directors careers.

The first one 'Freaks' was a Tod Browning masterpiece. It is also the film that started the whole killer-crawling-on-the-floor-with-a-knife scene that is ever so popular in zombie films.

At the time the film about real life
circus freaks was too much for the audiences to handle but now the film is classified as one of the all time horror greats. I tend to agree and I am glad that it achieved the cult status it deserves unfortunately the director could not be around to enjoy the praise that he so deserved.

Let the Sun go Down on Me!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mulholland Drive

By far one of my favorite movies ever made. Its a love story like no other, completely dark, sad, confusing, dripping in disdain but it is a true gem at capturing 'crazy love'.

Have you ever been so in love with someone you found yourself not only acting outside your own personal box but acting destructively? This is that story taken to the extreme.
But wait a minute, if its going to be a hollywood movie does that not mean that we need to follow the story of someone good not someone bad which is why I love this movie. She is human and like any human we have that innate ability to act good and bad. It is us who decide how to react to any given circumstance but we as humans should also try act in good.
This is not the case for our sort of hero in this particular piece of Narrative Film.
I feel this movie is based almost entirely in that 'few minutes before you
die and your life flashes before your eyes' type thing.
What if its not the few moment before your organs stop working?
What if your soul starts to leave your body while its still breathing?
What if when it flashes its of a life you want to remember?
What if you somehow alter your perception of how you lived?
What if your conscience could just leave your side for a bit?
Diane's conscience left her side for a brief moment, just long enough for
her to become Betty and try real hard in forgetting what terrible things she has done.

So I have this very long explanation for this movie. I
am going to slowly rewatch it and with the help of the directors clues show you point by point how I come to my conclusion of the film...

1. Pay attention in the beginning: 2 clues are revealed before the credits.
2. Notice appearances of the red lampshade.
3. Can you hear the title of the film that Adam is auditioning actresses for?
4. An accident is a terrible event... notice the location of the accident.
5. Who gives a key, and why?
6. Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.
7. What is felt, realized and gathered at the club
8. Did talent alone help Camilla?
9. Notice the occurrences surrounding the man behind
10. Where is Aunt Ruth?

Stay tuned:-D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let the Sun go Down on Me!

Manhandle Me...

So, recently I found myself whisked off, like Dorothy and that fucking dog, to a world unlike my own but strangely enough unlike Dorothy, I went from the lovely seaside home with view of little Robin Island to the farmlands as apposed to the farmlands and the magical Land of Oz. There I was, lost in this new world with these characters very similar to the ones in the story. The stiff, cold guy lacking a bit of heart. The floppy fairy with the fabulous swagger... does he think about what he is doing? The fearless female, well I guess she doesnt lack courage but she has the curls to match that damn camp lion. And then there is Dorothy. No I am not Dorothy, I'm that fucking dog that is following this group of people around without any real purpose to the whole development of the main story. So what the hell did Toto get up to while everyone else was sleeping?

One night Dorothy told Toto to leave. So Toto hops in his car at 01h30 am because naturally he needs to take what has been said verbatim and make a little bit of drama in the middle of small town farmland sweet southern africa. Toto then procedes to drive slowly through the towns main road looking for a guesthouse that would open their door. Naturally he looked a little suspicions when he carried on down the
same street into the dodgy side of town, funny, no matter how small a town can be, there will always be a 'that side of the tracks'. So when Toto is driving once again back up the road he is suddenly brought to a hard halt. Accompanied by frantic flashing blue lights, the evil flying monkeys pull their big huge police van in front of his car. I think these monkeys looked more like PIGS but it was dark.

Toto got very pissed off when these PIG looking monkeys start searching his car for no real reason. He starts to bark. The PIG looking monkeys want to search him now because
he is barking and so they turn him and push him onto his car. With an already injured wrist Toto lets rip barking words at the authority that maybe should not have been barked. He gets in his car and drives off only to be followed by the PIGS. Toto starts to cry.... all he wants is to just go home!
When he gets back to the farm he is met with shocking hostility. Toto lashes out at Dorothy
drawing a little bit of blood. Needless to say, dorothy clicked her heels three times and the two of them were in the car heading back to the city at a lovely 3h30 in the morning.

Now Dorothy and her dog put the silly argument behind them but what is the real point to this story... the police in this country do as they like. My little wrist did actually get hurt in this whole unnecessary scene. I mean, I stopped, gave them my license, they could see I had not been drinking at all... so now why must I be searched by a Policeman that is not even in uniform... ergo I leave, screaming stupid pigs as I leave, slowly. Then they start following me and I am all like 'Fuck that, I am so going missing tonight and all because I had to be, what, a queen? Fuck Im gonna die'

So I guess I am trying to tell you just avoid them if you can, hahahahahaha. Dont complain about them just stay far far away, it is possible. hehehehe

Till next time
Good Luck

Full Beard

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So the last one on the list... Lust!
Now this entire story has really been about lust and how lust can be broken down into the
other six sins so this category needs no character building instead I will reconstruct the ideas I have been writing down into one proper story. As for lust, well lust is our main character... like a really hot, shirtless devil, ripped with abs and pecs!

Maybe I should tell you more about the setting of these little stories... all of them are based in a little steam joint called 'The Hothouse' here in Cape Town. Now I started working there just as the summer season began. Its the kinda once in a life time summer job that consumes you if you allow it too. I had an awesome time working there and
met some really great guys and had some really amazing sex but as the summer came to an end I realised it was time for me to leave. Ultimately I am now 27 years old and working there, although i feel it was better to work there now while I was exploring myself sexually rather than my early twenties when I was exploring men, it was time to find something else to do. I managed to also fall in, out and back in love over the summer so my emotions were constantly fluctuating. It time for a bit of focus now. so hopefully soon you will get to here my little porno story from begin to end of the Seven Deadly sins and the Hothouse.

Till then
Happy hunting!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Baby Makers

So, I was reading a blog I am following, more like looking at the pictures however I have been checking them out for a while now and todays one was funny, so funny in fact that i had to leave a comment. My comment got me thinking about ball slicing... what does it actually entail? I know it snips the balls but where? I know it stops the baby making juice but why? Does it change your cum?

A doctor numbs your balls, he cuts two holes to gain access to the vas deferens, he then slices the tubes and seals the ends by tying or stitching or burning, the end result... like an accident on a busy hi-way that causes the traffic to not flow anymore, your baby makers will not flow anymore. But a few cars go once in a while so does this analogy help in explaining...yes! Because it actually is suppose to cut off up to 97% of sperm, 80% of men experience no change in the volume of ejaculate.

And as I read more I found out that it really doesnt change at all, your cum, it will still smell the same, taste the same, get stuck in hair, glue up the shower and stick to clothes...

So why write about a vasectomy? I do like to learn about things especially when it involves my balls or that general area but why write this? Because I am a gay man and I dont think I will ever have to worry about this little operation ever coming up in my life...EVER! i dont see what the point would be unless some guy magically grows ovaries and starts shooting babies out his ass, highly unlikely...yes!? So no, this is not for me but to you bi and straight guys, good luck, I dont really need my baby makers but I want them anyway.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Barman Doodle of the week!

Got Milk...1

Sunset Cruises Down the Peninsula.

So, what does seem to be aimed towards tourists can still be amazing to do even if you are a local.

Now I enjoy almost any sunset
booze cruise. The water, the sun, the fine chilled drinks, its just one of my favorite things to do, from
Saartjies se aartjie cruising up and down the Orange river in Upington to the cruise along the 12
Apostles here in the Cape, its a goodie!

I have been watching this pirate ship move down the coast almost every sunset from the balcony of my new home in Seapoint. I just loved the whole setting as cheezy as it may be. It looked like the
most fabulous boat to be on and my lover decided to take me on the pirate ship one fine evening.

The weather was perfect, I wore velvet and the champagne flowed freely and through me. I was extremely plastered by the time we had to get off but the sunset the mountains the sky the light the land the buildings the water the seals the was all burnt forever into my brain and onto my soul. Its completely worth anyones while. so if you find yourself at the V&A one evening around 17h00, hop on and enjoy the scene.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It burns...?

So, you are getting down on the couch, just some light touching, nice tonguing, heavy breathing. you ask him to stand up and cum all over your chest... he sprays from navel to throat... hot... but as you get close the whole experience is so damn sexy that you burst... right into your own mouth, your own eye. Now where does the problem come in exactly and how can one solve it? The problem is the burn your eye starts to feel and the solution...close your fucking eyes when you are cumming.

So why does it burn? What exactly makes it burn? I get that almost anything hurts when it comes into contact with your eye but i mean this burns more than the fine trails of sweat that roll down my face and occasionally into my eyes when i am running my ass off up and down Beach road. What is in sperm that makes it burn so much?

Well, all male sperm has a tiny bit of uric acid which, I am led to believe, when it comes into contact with the moisture in the eye it becomes sulfuric acid, very similar to when we cut onions and the fumes from the onion mix with the moisture of the eye and then we cry.

Well at least I know my eye is working at protecting itself too, not only relying on me solely looking up every time I climax. 'The more you know' (Shooting star)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Prostate?

So a friend asked me the other day what exactly the function of the prostate is? I said 'to feel really really good'. Then I thought about it and said 'it has something to do with sperm... I think'.

It did get me thinking what exactly the prostates function is. For years I was told that the appendix was a useless part of the body ultimately designed to kill us until someone sent me some information that that useless organ actually produces white blood cells to help prevent us from infection.

So, I know where the prostate is, I know what its close to, I know what it surrounds and what surrounds it and i know how to milk that little fucker but what is it doing for me instead of just making me oh and ah.

In one sentence: Its main function is to produce fluid which protects and enriches sperm. So I was fairly close.

Its good to know as knowledge is power!