Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So the last one on the list... Lust!
Now this entire story has really been about lust and how lust can be broken down into the
other six sins so this category needs no character building instead I will reconstruct the ideas I have been writing down into one proper story. As for lust, well lust is our main character... like a really hot, shirtless devil, ripped with abs and pecs!

Maybe I should tell you more about the setting of these little stories... all of them are based in a little steam joint called 'The Hothouse' here in Cape Town. Now I started working there just as the summer season began. Its the kinda once in a life time summer job that consumes you if you allow it too. I had an awesome time working there and
met some really great guys and had some really amazing sex but as the summer came to an end I realised it was time for me to leave. Ultimately I am now 27 years old and working there, although i feel it was better to work there now while I was exploring myself sexually rather than my early twenties when I was exploring men, it was time to find something else to do. I managed to also fall in, out and back in love over the summer so my emotions were constantly fluctuating. It time for a bit of focus now. so hopefully soon you will get to here my little porno story from begin to end of the Seven Deadly sins and the Hothouse.

Till then
Happy hunting!


Juz said...

Nothing like a summer of passion.
Good luck with your new endeavors. I'll keep checking.

Phunk Factor said...

Just about everything gets old sooner or later!! Wherevr u head of luck! :)