Sunday, April 4, 2010

It burns...?

So, you are getting down on the couch, just some light touching, nice tonguing, heavy breathing. you ask him to stand up and cum all over your chest... he sprays from navel to throat... hot... but as you get close the whole experience is so damn sexy that you burst... right into your own mouth, your own eye. Now where does the problem come in exactly and how can one solve it? The problem is the burn your eye starts to feel and the solution...close your fucking eyes when you are cumming.

So why does it burn? What exactly makes it burn? I get that almost anything hurts when it comes into contact with your eye but i mean this burns more than the fine trails of sweat that roll down my face and occasionally into my eyes when i am running my ass off up and down Beach road. What is in sperm that makes it burn so much?

Well, all male sperm has a tiny bit of uric acid which, I am led to believe, when it comes into contact with the moisture in the eye it becomes sulfuric acid, very similar to when we cut onions and the fumes from the onion mix with the moisture of the eye and then we cry.

Well at least I know my eye is working at protecting itself too, not only relying on me solely looking up every time I climax. 'The more you know' (Shooting star)

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Crazeebee747 said...

who would have known! LMAO!

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