Monday, March 28, 2011

It needs to be Fresh.

     Ever been out with a friend who decides at the end of the night they need to smoke a joint, so they buy one from a car guard?
     It has come up a few times now on different occasions and I feel I need to educate.  Those awesome joints you buy yourself, from a car guard, on the street, that make your muscles feel oh so relaxed... well, they have been buttonized!
     Ever watched an American movie and the girl says something about some guy putting a Quaalude in her drink?  Thats buttons, mandrax, they crush it and mix it in with some really shit weed to make you think it really has some kick, but really you are just date raping yourself.

      Effects can include euphoria, drowsiness, reduced heart rate, reduced respiration, increased sexual arousal and some numbness. Taking, or smoking a larger doses can bring about respiratory depression, slurred speech, headache, and light sensitivity.
     An overdose can cause deliriumconvulsionshypertoniahyperreflexiavomitingrenal insufficiencycoma, and death through cardiac or respiratory arrest. It's not cool.
     If you are going to do anything, make sure you know what it is that you are doing, what it consists of, what it does, what's too much.  In other words get it fresh, crush it, roll it up and spark.


Dave said...

Sorry to take up your fresh joint post with this question, but I didn't spot an email address for you.. how did you create the Home, Short Stories tabs at the top of your blog. I haven't come across this useful facility in blogger. Dave

Mind Of Mine said...

LOL! How random.

Is this a common problem where you are from?

Anonymous said...

It seems you are very professional :)