Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going Down South.

OK.  So I bet you are thinking I am going to give you a quick blow job run down but in real life I am going to rant for a few minutes.
Why is it that artists miss a large part of Africa when they are performing live in a worldwide tour?  Are we not part of the world?
When I am oversees, the amount of concerts one can go to is unbelievable.  If I could I would spend a summer in London just watching live performances however I certainly don't have the financial means to make that a possibility.  So I wait here, patiently, in good old South Africa for artists to come and perform their music, so that I may have the pleasure of feeling the emotional ride I experience when I listen to their music, only live.
So to bring this post back to the first line, this sucks balls!

I have to give a big ups to Skunk Anansie, I have had the pleasure to see them live.  Twice.  Amazing!

Now I am a fan of music, all music, and we do have amazing local things to attend.  Local bands to relish in but once in a while can't the Northern Hemisphere throw us a bone and come perform the music we so delight in.

Artists I would give my left tit to see live:

Antony and the Johnsons



Everything but the Girl

Sigur Ros

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Anonymous said...

Love Antony and the Johnsons, what a genius singer. "Fistful of Love" is my favorite song.