Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sexual Stimulation

To win a Gemini man over, you have to be cheerful, witty and to come off unaware of his charms. Catch him off guard, surprise him and make him laugh out loud.

You want to scare the twins running from you? Mention marriage. This will

immediately threaten their freedom. Let the man know you love him for the

exact way he is and that loving you will keep him this way for a very long time.

He is always in a scramble. And be prepared to listen if you want to have a chance with a Gemini man, remember its two mouths…but that has its advantages. Remember that Gemini is a sign of duality.

You may sometimes feel as though you are living with two different people here and you never can tell which one will present itself. Patience comes in handy if you prefer one twin to the other. It also helps to realize that this being is inherently restless. You will need to be able to keep pace with a good deal of movement around the neighborhood as well as within your home. AIR

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