Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me - a totally self indulgent piece of work:-D

Really, lets take a look at the many hair styles of Juanne, over the last year or so...
Here I am on the tube.  The timeless brush cut yo'

                                             Barrydale - and my hair is starting to grow out.

Cape Town Harbor - cruising about, with a little bit more length,

Turfontein Race Course - just a little length, able to brush it in a style,

Springs - as the fringe starts to pass my eyebrows,

Mozambique - and my fringe is long enough to brush back for a very preppy look,

Tzaneen - time to lighten up.

Upington - and still just bright and blonde,

Calvinia - the road to change... yet again.

Cape Town - going back to my roots, literally.

I shaved it off a few days ago... back to the beginning yo'


wozzel said...

quite the hottie eh.


i like them all.

Anonymous said...

love the last photo, looks great!

SteveA said...

I love the blonde look!