Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Low balling.

One way to play poker is the Lowball game, in which hand values are reversed so that the lowest-valued hand wins... a tactic we can use in life? Can we reverse, say a table of people, so that the one with lowest valued opinion is revered in the end? I think not, there is no way of telling a situation like that up.

For instance, a few nights ago I attending a wonderful night with some friends at a restaurant. My honey was in a cheery mood, and I was enjoying listening to him so much. the odd thing about living with someone, is that we know that person knows pretty much all the 'what I have been up to lately' speech, so I guess in that regard he chose to look at everyone else at the table but me. understandable. Eventually the conversation became very opinionated and of course everyone with a very strong opinion naturally thinks that they are right in thinking that way. However, are things ever really right and wrong? Or maybe it's just a case of right and left.

At one point I noticed one of my friends, who really had no opinion on the topic at hand, looking very sleepy, so I asked if he wanted to go with me to the shop. Naturally I did not actually need anything from the shop, I just thought if I went with him for a little walk, he would liven up, and I also did not want to make it obvious that I noticed his boredom. He did liven up. He actually suggested we have a drink at a bar for a bit. The break revived the man and we went straight back to our original party, but really because I was nervous about being gone so long.

We got back to the table and there was naturally a vibe that settled. I mean, what else could I expect?
The minute I sat down I was thrown a lowball, straight at my nuts, with an odd question about Germans. Now, I have always loved the company of Germans. They are fairly rigid people, with an odd outlook on love but they have one super sense of humor. So, naturally I threw that low ball right back, and that was the end of that evening.

Next time, just pass me a high ball drink with some ice. I would rather be on the highball happy train than playing the lowball idiot game.

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