Monday, March 14, 2011


So, I have always been a very brave person. Not to say that I was not scared but I would go head strong and cock first into most of my situations in life. In relationships, in work and in play. Recently I have discovered that I am more fearful than I use to be.

Over the weekend, my lover and I went on a hike with a few other guys through a mountain to go play in some water. I was completely terrified the entire way. The whole time I kept telling myself it was an irrational fear but I was terrified none the less. I was terrified i was going to twist my ankle or fall down while climbing down the rocks.

The place was completely amazing. Really beautiful. and I certainly did not let the fear get in the way of taking in my surroundings. The mountains peaked off so high, like the tallest meringue peaks ever, and there i sat at the bottom of a crevasse with crystal clear water flowing past my feet. It was all so grand.

So why still the fear? The older I get the more I learn, and although I know bones can mend they still have to break first. I am just afraid of pain. What a pussy, hahahaha.

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