Friday, October 30, 2009


I have had more sex than you...
The rage?
or just misunderstood...?
A time when youthful love making was stolen
A time for exploration of intimacy was robbed
Time that heals is time thats lost.
its time thats lost
the years are gone
One man can come and rape your soul
One man can come and make it whole
Love making done with lovers
Love making done with friends
Love makes love making a lovers game
For lovers fun!

I've made more love than you have done.
Sex! it unravels me
Like a bright and green summer tree
cold airs cool kiss
green leaves
die and fall and flee
the branch of what was once a summer tree.

Springs warmth and summer rains
will come again

New fruit
New leaves
And a brand new summer tree

Sex and Love and Joy and Pain
Tears that hurt
Tears that drain
and time and tears with love and patience
I can once again
Be Whole!


To meet and love
To live and love
to change oneself for oneself
is love, is to love, is to be loved.
To better myself to be better for you!
Living love in youth
and learning to love in life
is learning to love.

Mediterranean Beach Madness

So, Barcelona hey. Its like so totally crazy!

I was lucky enough to be there during a 'little' festival called San Juan. I met some Spanish guys who were kind enough to invite me to join them for the night's party on the gay beach a little North from Barcelona.

The music was
banging but somehow that Spanish rhythm is left strictly for the professional dancers, the people just sit around talking. This did not stop me from rising to my feet and busting a jam on the sand with a little help from a huge McDonalds cup that was constantly filled up with some rum.

Around 2am I was officially drunk and decided to go to the water to try reconnect with myself. Out of the blue this man decided to quietly stand beside me. Being the drunk fool I am I
turned to him and asked if he wanted to swim with me. Lucky for me he spoke english and we quickly whipped off our clothes and submerged in the water. The fireworks that were going off made it apparent that we were not the only two in the water and that this little part of the med was like a soup bowl full of men.

So boys, take the plunge into the water, you never know who might join you and make it a little 'harder' to get out.

Happy hunting!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Batman and Robin, superhero lovers!

"you're my last breath
    You're a breath of fresh air to me
I am empty
    So tell me you're there for me
You're the 1st thing
    and the last thing on my mind
In your arms
    I feel the sun shine"

So, one quiet night in Spain I decided to go through some superhero movies I have not watched yet, Spiderman and Superman.  This got me thinking about Batman the entire time.

Well, you see, both Spiderman and Superman have Mary-Jane and Lois in their lives from the beginning.  Ladies that they constantly hide their true identity from and love with all their hearts.  They have their reasons for doing so too.  However, Batman does not have a lady in his life like this.  He has Robin!   Another man, that he shares everything with, his partner.  This really got me thinking about how gay the Dark Knight really is.  Answer - Really Gay!  Not just the fact that he shares his life with a man but also that Robin only appears in films now and again.  Unlike the S-superheroes Robin comes and goes and is not always around...

So, what have we learnt today.  When you find your side kick, enjoy him, cherish the time you have together, make him as happy as you can and love him completely, who knows how long he will be around for.

Happy Hunting!