Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sexual Passion

If you are interested in the material aspects of the relationship that’s cool cause most likely so will he. He likes the finer nice things from life, so keep yours to a minimum. Known for their good taste, you will be more interesting to him if you value yourself. Paying attention to

your clothing and hair will help to show him that you understand the importance of appearance.

These souls can definitely be won over through their stomachs, so dig up your best recipes and give it a try. This charging force of passion enjoys giving, but do not demand, stipulate or give any kind of ultimatum. Shower him with compliments. The bull is also

extremely sensual. If you are unable to fulfill this aspect, don’t even get into it. Be aware of the stubborn nature. Gentle persuasion is a much better tool with these people. You also should be aware that, in general, they often need to ponder each word that you speak before being able to give you an answer. Allowing these souls a moment to think before expecting a response will result in a much happier relationship. EARTH

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sexual Talent

The Libra man is a refined lover. An expert in prelude. He really knows how to get the party

started… and he will get you

extremely revved up but remember its up to you to take it on

home or he will not be impressed.

The man of balance is such a masterful lover,

resistant and considerate to his

partner. But there is a downfall as faithfulness is not his strong point because he is vulnerable to other beautiful men. He falls in love very easily and he can’t say no. To win him over, you must master the art of seduction. And it needs to seduce him, time and time again. To keep him don’t ever forget about his love for beauty, keep yourself groomed

to perfection. Always try to make a point of caring about your appearance and complimenting him for his charming allure.

He needs to be adored and pampered, breakfast in bed is a goodie. You can be sure, however, that this honey will never leave you lonely. He understands togetherness unlike most other signs and you would do well to return the favor. Be careful not to accept too many gratuities without exchange as he will be aware of the imbalance and may harbor silent resentments in the future. Enjoying the fun, sharing, and caring of this individual while giving back the same will ensure a long, happy, and prosperous relationship for both of you. AIR

Friday, January 14, 2011


Sexual Ecstasy

The Sagittarius man is the classic adventurer, optimistic and full of life, spontaneous, lovable and in search for freedom, who always feels the need to fight for a cause, for a noble purpose. He always sounds like the sexy camel man smoking after a full day adventure or gay Indiana Jones.

If you want him to want you, make yourself beautiful, show optimism and humour. Let him discover you, follow you, surprise you – the Sagittarius man loves behaving like a boy scout on mission. So let him mission. The rewards will be bountiful if you allow him the pleasure of discovering the newness that is you. Sounds delicious right? It is and if he likes what he discovers you wont have a moment were you cant remember your eyes rolling back in your head out of pure ecstasy.

Listen to him carefully before asking questions, and as always avoid making him jealous and allow him his freedom. I believe making anyone jealous is just down right wrong but this particular star sign will not understand your negative efforts to get him to notice you. It will be ugly. You must understand that this person abhors dishonesty and is quite incapable of participating in it. Too many concurrent projects can scatter his energy but your encouragement may be all that's needed to keep the number reasonable.

You have found a dynamic partner in this honey. Enjoy the wit and repartee, explore new worlds and lost civilizations together and talk until the wee hours of the morning. With this sweet sweet honey, you can have fun.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sexual SacrificeFebruary 20 to March 20

The Pisces man is full of a complex and contradictory charm that surprises, baffles, seduces and irritates at the same time.To win him over, you have to meet him half way.

Don’t ask him precise questions because he will avoid them and maybe leave you even more confused. You may need to make a conscientious effort to keep him talking about his feelings. Disaster lurks down the road of unexpressed emotions, as they carry a punch far greater

than expressed ones.

Is this honey wild in the sack? Well, he will really do whatever his lover wants him to do but will suggest very

little. So if you want a

power top, you can make him a power top, if you want him to be a hungry bottom, he can be that too. But you cant ‘umake’ him… beware.

Don't be alarmed when this honey desires to spend time alone; it is essential for his mental health. The Pisces man is a fish, swimming around a little pond always looking for a way out. Add a tad of mystery and intrigue to the atmosphere and be sure to let him have his little ivory tower, a space of his own, physically and psychologically, in order to counteract his desire to escape. Pisceans don't have as strong an aura as many of the other signs do and need to re-charge the batteries without anyone

else around from time to time.

Tell him about your disappointments before you meet up with him and then let him take care of you because he is a nurturer. Complaining and wining will not work on this one. You have found here a person who prizes serenity above all else and one who will appreciate your efforts to keep the waters calm. Once acquired, this bond will be long-lived and true blue.


Gay Zodiac

So, for a few months now I have been reading up on the different star signs, paying attention to the people I meet and their birth-date's, and also digging into my past lovers to come up with this quick guide to dating a particular star sign. Nothing is set in stone and I do believe love crosses any barrier. so have fun reading.

The first sign will obviously be my own, I mean it is the sign I am most familiar with.