Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sexual Talent

The Libra man is a refined lover. An expert in prelude. He really knows how to get the party

started… and he will get you

extremely revved up but remember its up to you to take it on

home or he will not be impressed.

The man of balance is such a masterful lover,

resistant and considerate to his

partner. But there is a downfall as faithfulness is not his strong point because he is vulnerable to other beautiful men. He falls in love very easily and he can’t say no. To win him over, you must master the art of seduction. And it needs to seduce him, time and time again. To keep him don’t ever forget about his love for beauty, keep yourself groomed

to perfection. Always try to make a point of caring about your appearance and complimenting him for his charming allure.

He needs to be adored and pampered, breakfast in bed is a goodie. You can be sure, however, that this honey will never leave you lonely. He understands togetherness unlike most other signs and you would do well to return the favor. Be careful not to accept too many gratuities without exchange as he will be aware of the imbalance and may harbor silent resentments in the future. Enjoying the fun, sharing, and caring of this individual while giving back the same will ensure a long, happy, and prosperous relationship for both of you. AIR

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nemo said...

true :)

because he is vulnerable to other beautiful men

ZzZzZz xD

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