Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sexual SacrificeFebruary 20 to March 20

The Pisces man is full of a complex and contradictory charm that surprises, baffles, seduces and irritates at the same time.To win him over, you have to meet him half way.

Don’t ask him precise questions because he will avoid them and maybe leave you even more confused. You may need to make a conscientious effort to keep him talking about his feelings. Disaster lurks down the road of unexpressed emotions, as they carry a punch far greater

than expressed ones.

Is this honey wild in the sack? Well, he will really do whatever his lover wants him to do but will suggest very

little. So if you want a

power top, you can make him a power top, if you want him to be a hungry bottom, he can be that too. But you cant ‘umake’ him… beware.

Don't be alarmed when this honey desires to spend time alone; it is essential for his mental health. The Pisces man is a fish, swimming around a little pond always looking for a way out. Add a tad of mystery and intrigue to the atmosphere and be sure to let him have his little ivory tower, a space of his own, physically and psychologically, in order to counteract his desire to escape. Pisceans don't have as strong an aura as many of the other signs do and need to re-charge the batteries without anyone

else around from time to time.

Tell him about your disappointments before you meet up with him and then let him take care of you because he is a nurturer. Complaining and wining will not work on this one. You have found here a person who prizes serenity above all else and one who will appreciate your efforts to keep the waters calm. Once acquired, this bond will be long-lived and true blue.



wozzel said...

I'm glad you are doing this "series" of Zodiacs, I always had some interest, but - i dont know if i agree with this. I'm a pisces, always thought i was one through and through and I dont fit most of this. Most especially about asking precise questions (coz i like directness) and also about being in the sack and suggesting very little... hehe.

Juanne de Abreu said...

You know, what I have learnt in this whole search is that everything is left up to interpretation, for instance, i like directness too however if you ask where we are going and what we are doing when I ask you to join me I cant stand it. I like it when things are left to mystery. So in this case, romantically, I would agree that as a Piscean I do like the mystery over directness.
and then speaking on a purely personal level again, i would agree with not suggesting things in the sack. I like to fuck my brains out. In a bedroom, two men, going at it like crazy. adding toys, another person or even something slightly kinky as role play has never been suggested by me. I always go with the flow. but still i am yet to suggest something other than "lets just fuck our brains out". Plus, I cant exactly write how a Piscean has the most stamina out of all the signs, he is ready to go anywhere and everywhere and all the time but i think it might make me look very self indulgent, don't you think?

wozzel said...

I completely see your point. I do. And as for the "ready to go anywhere and everywhere" I hear you there! I actually get into trouble from the bf for apparantly always wanting always ready, always always :)
but yes, interpretation is still the discretion of who ever reads it right? I like directness. I also like someone else taking charge. I know for a fact that i dont like making decisions. Not sure if thats much of a pisces thing.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the Zodiac. Maybe I can throw in a suggestion and ask that you do Sagittarius next :)