Friday, January 14, 2011


Sexual Ecstasy

The Sagittarius man is the classic adventurer, optimistic and full of life, spontaneous, lovable and in search for freedom, who always feels the need to fight for a cause, for a noble purpose. He always sounds like the sexy camel man smoking after a full day adventure or gay Indiana Jones.

If you want him to want you, make yourself beautiful, show optimism and humour. Let him discover you, follow you, surprise you – the Sagittarius man loves behaving like a boy scout on mission. So let him mission. The rewards will be bountiful if you allow him the pleasure of discovering the newness that is you. Sounds delicious right? It is and if he likes what he discovers you wont have a moment were you cant remember your eyes rolling back in your head out of pure ecstasy.

Listen to him carefully before asking questions, and as always avoid making him jealous and allow him his freedom. I believe making anyone jealous is just down right wrong but this particular star sign will not understand your negative efforts to get him to notice you. It will be ugly. You must understand that this person abhors dishonesty and is quite incapable of participating in it. Too many concurrent projects can scatter his energy but your encouragement may be all that's needed to keep the number reasonable.

You have found a dynamic partner in this honey. Enjoy the wit and repartee, explore new worlds and lost civilizations together and talk until the wee hours of the morning. With this sweet sweet honey, you can have fun.



wozzel said...

i like. i agree :)


I say your 100% right on all things you said,
I am a Sagitarian person and it is me. Never
heard the way you so beautifully posed it.
I never knew of the gift that I have. Thank You.

nemo said...


and as always avoid making him jealous and allow him his freedom

i agree 100% :P