Something a little Queer:

Presque Rien - one of the most beautiful gay films I have ever seen.  The story is told in three tenses, past present and future... well sort of.  It really is just a jumble up of one boys dive into depression after another boy breaks his heart.  The film is layered with so much emotion and has a richness to the characters  feelings.  The love is captivating.  The sex is captivating.  It's speaks to ever gay man that has ever felt the soul crushing experience of being rejected by someone you are prepared to give up your life for.

Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar -        Ok, if you have not seen it then what exactly have you been quoting lines from?   One of the funniest queer films you will ever get to see.  give it a watch again, you will love i

It is just far too yummy to ignore.  Delicious, cool, edgy, stylistic and extremely homoerotic.

Is it gay?  Who cares?  The candy is dripping of sweet sweet nectar.  Let your eyes have a feast!

The Echo - It is a horror film.  I little bit of a slow pace, creepy setting and unsettling characters.  How is this a gay film, well just to see little Jesse Bradford alll grown up roaming around in a vest is worth the watch.  He really is all GROWN up.

Easy A

Aren't we all just little sluts in the end?
This movie is really very funny and I personally can relate to the girl, I mean, my reputation ran a little wild wherever I went and I have never actually confirmed nor denied them.

The older I get the more I realize that being a ho is not so cool yo.
And on another personal level, I have been waiting my whole, like, for a man to come play a song outside my window.  Since like forever.  I want 80's movie Romance too, dammit.
Back to the film, tight little script with some amazing dialogue.  The colors pop and her outfits scream at you.  The supporting cast is so damn good, especially Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson - they are simply sublime as cool, funny and relaxed parents.

This is definitely a girl film for the gays!

Mean Girls

Hello, are can't think of nastier girls than the ones we find in our colorful community.  The bitchiness and back stabbing, the conniving and boyfriend stealing that goes on right in front of all of us all the time... its just shocking.

I love the juxtaposition of the wild versus the civilized, the bush versus society.  And as the story unfolds that distance between the barbaric and the decent become closer and closer till the girls are rampant in the school hallways.

On a side bar - who doesn't love Rachel MacAdams?  Chick flick for the funny ho-mo, yo'.


OK, this little flik actually touches on some nice adult themes, even the gay one... although most modern day chick fliks are going to incorporate some kinda gay in there, even if it is just a token gay, but whatever.

My favorite line from the film is a suggestion that I tend to agree with... I am counting on second hand smoke killing too.

It has a message at the end of it but the humor it finds in this neat little spiritual film is very uplifting to say the least.  Check out Eva Amurri - she is very cool in this film and her mother is Susan Sarandon (dammit Janet).

So in the spirit of Hilary Fey 'I am filled with Christ's Love'  

The Little Mermaid

The men in this are so hot.  Even her dad is this burly, strong, big-nippled, wizard looking guy.  This is Gay!  GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY
Any Mary born in the eighties will agree with me.

So get it out and sing along....

"I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know something is starting right now..."

PS - Get really Hi when watching this one:-D

Some Horror:

Top of my list, as always, will be the horror movie that started it all for me, Nightmare on Elm Street.  
The movie where Johnny Depp started it all.  The movie with iconic chicks bloody body being dragged around the room.  The movie with all the blood that gushes from the bed.
It's a classic, and i recommend you have a late night, put the sound up real high, and prepared for a different chilling experience, the soundtrack is completely 80's.  You will have fun with this one.

Keeping in the theme of excessive blood, I'll take you almost ten years back to Brian De Palma's modern gothic fairy taleCarrie.  
The climatic scene of Carrie's explosion is a masterpiece of cinema, splitting the screen to overload the senses while a skinny, blood drenched girl starts killing everyone around her, killing indiscriminately.
The movie also ends with the shock ending, copied in many films to come, with the hand popping out the soil.

Speaking of a scene that started it all... ever wonder which film first did the whole scary-zombie-crawling-in-the-mud scene?  It was the 1932 film, Freaks.  Now regarded as a cult classic film that only became a classic thirty years after it's making.  And one of the finest pieces of film to actually end a directors career.  It's 64 minutes in length.  A little odd to follow in the beginning - to be fair - but by the end, you are captivated.

Lets jump back to a time a little more recent, to the debut film of the very brilliant Alexander Aja, Switchblade Romance.  It will terrify, disturb and shock but most importantly it will keep you tense from the moment everything starts to go wrong, the tension is relentless.  The idea that the victim is stalking the attacker helps keep a viewer at the edge of their seat.  Tons of blood, lesbian under current, all wrapped up in a love story of obsession.  brilliance.

Keeping in line with foreign language films, if you want to see cinematic perfection, then A Tale of Two Sisters, needs to be on your list of things to watch.  It's a very creepy but very sad story of delusions, love, loss and hatred.  

The movie will take you on it's slow lullaby rhythm towards death and madness.  

It will have about three actual events that will make you shit our pants but from the first scare you will be kept on a very eerie tone as you try to figure out just what the hell is going on in this Korean masterpiece.

Give this little film a watch if you are high on concept.  Here they took the concept of a B-grade horror and flipped it on its face, on its bloody, screaming, crawling on the floor face.
The movie more or less kept me going, then they get ridiculous, then they laugh at the audience and the face flipping begins in a high charged blood fest.  The Devils Chair 

The Living and the Dead - definitely one for the more eccentric viewer.  It is a bit of a tough pill to swallow, and the plot is fairly easy figure out for oneself however the pace is something cool that keeps you going with the the film like a train on a track.

So, like I said, it is a tough pill to swallow mainly because it is a rather sad story.  It is a horror film in the sense that they push elements of horror that come from something incredibly sad.  In this little indie film you will not find motive, reason or clarity.

A nice new perspective on a genre that is quickly repeated.

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