Monday, August 10, 2009

Some like it hot!

So, after spending a night in a sleeping bag in the station at Porto I finally hop onto a train early the next morning for Coimbra. From there its another train for Spain.

In my confusion i land up going to the wrong cart of the train and I am soon ushered to the correct one only after falling to the floor trying to get my backpack off the rails above our heads. Lucky for me the
change of sleeping areas went from sharing with two hairy women to sharing with two young Canadian boys.

Realizing that this is going to be an 11hour train journey I whip out a bottle of whiskey and some herbal calming meds to get me settled in for some sleep. The sun is pounding through the window so I remove my shirt to keep cool...little did I know I would be heating things up! soon the boys remove their shirts too. I offer some refreshments to which they accept and moments later we are having a little party on the rickety train.

In my slightly drunk and calm state I reach over to the cute Canadian boy in front of me and ask if he has ever kissed a man before...he gets nervous trying to splat out many words avoiding the question but not avoiding his intrigue. I grabbed his youthful, smooth face and kissed those soft lips ever so gently.

So 11hours on a train how was i to pass the time if I could not get some sleep...good old Sex and
the City, its a train and you never know who will be getting on and getting me off...very Some
Like It Hot, heheheh!

So enjoy the Journey guys
Till next time
Happy Hunting!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Conclusion)

So, being the gay that I am I decide to go back to the rocky surrounds that gets engulfed by men by mid-afternoon. Like a bear seeking out honey I was on the prowl. I found it guys, a cruising ground you wont find out about on the net and as my luck would have it one of the finest Portuguese specimen I am yet to see is lounging two rocks in front of me.

Soon him and I are playing the good old fashioned Simon Says...I remove my shirt, he removes his, I remove my pants he removes his, I go for a swim in the sea and he follows. The
game seems to be nothing but a game so I decide to get dressed and go back home to make some lunch. To my surprise, hottie gets dressed grabs his bike and is moments
later riding up and down the promenade past me. Eventually I build the courage to say Ola. I get an Ola in return before he slows down next to me and begin chatting, all the way home till there is nothing else to say besides 'hey, want to come upstairs?'

In the end I try review my research to form an opinion on the xenophobia in Portugal. Reading over it i realise that all I did was see who had the better men... therefore this study will have to be ruled out as inconclusive for incorrect subject matter studied, hahahahahaha. I wont learn anything from my data besides who was the sexier of the the two cultures
and still then I am going to say that both the Portuguese and the Brazilians ROCK!

Happy hunting Guys
Till next time

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 3)

Back in Porto, I went for a stroll along the coast, across all the many slivers of beaches that appeared amongst the rocks. I passed a castle and in view was a very large beach. To get there the quickest I decided to go through a tunnel from the castle to the beach...fuck me twice..I totally forgot about what tunnels are used for in Portugal! Suddenly I had a man grabbing at my pants, trying to pull them down and whispering Portuguese into my no no, like a fat woman getting out of her car I had to back the fuck up real slowly as not to disturb the tunnels inhabitants.

From blissfully admiring the oceans waves rolling up against the sandy shores to suddenly having my dick sucked, I was completely freaked out that I simply went to the nearest rock and chilled with my book. My skin was baking and I was flipping round like a burger patty, well done on both sides. I put my book down and noticed that these
rocks became crowded with men in speedos soaking up the suns rays, a sight similar to seal island.

Eventually I turned to the closest guy to get some sun screen. The sights were too good to leave but the sun was too powerful to remain calm. Once the conversation got rolling
I learnt that my sunblock provider was a sexy Brazilian with a very pale complexion, working
and living in Porto. The conversation by the sea turned into cervaja on the beach and ended up
with a shower at his home close by.

I was then invited to join him and some friends for a drink by the river and dinner and at another authentic Portuguese restaurant. Four Brazilians, good wine,
good food and a warm night. Soon we were all drunk and mincing through the streets when we stumbled across a place that looked good for a swim, well at least i thought so. So i take my clothes off and float around in the water while the others decide if they should or shouldn't do the same. My powers of
manipulation came into play and soon i was floating with four naked Brazilians, one from Rio, one from Sao Paulo, one from Santos and the other down south from Porto Alegre!

Good day for Brazil!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 2)

So, the sun starts to go down, around 22h30, its time to wake from the nap to have dinner, with the Portuguese guys I was staying with, at a lovely little restaurant on the other side of the river. But get this, because Im with these Portuguese guys, in a Portuguese restaurant with Portuguese people and everything is in LOUD Portuguese, (I can only speak English) I had swigs from the bottle of wine I was drinking on my own like i was traveling on a train at that moment, propped up on my backpack with my t-shirt and boots off, drying in the open window.

Needless to say my table watched me for a while before packing out laughing, finally something familiar, people laughing at me...I'm comfortable, and the large table of strangers start getting into the silly South African boy that looks Spanish , apparently, who has a soft murmuring English accent. In the end drunk English and drunk Portuguese is all still drunk!

After dinner I was feeling the itch for more, to keep moving, on my own I went to find the bars I was now aware of. On those cobblestone roads where the buildings are so close, everyone
stands outside the ba
rs drinking and drinking and drinking till 2am when the bar closes and i venture off to this
sort of underground club. Must keep moving...!

All i had was the address so when i got there, there was nothing but a door. After three hotties knock on the door and go in, i went straight and knocked on the door and went in. Suddenly Im surrounded by men in this dark club with banging music, a complimentary Vodka Red Bull as I stroll into the sea of dancing men to go splash in the waves, the tanned, muscular waves!

Now the funny thing about not wearing much clothes and dancing in close proximity to other half naked men is that the lines of fore play and dancing are blurred...
are we feeling each other off or dancing? Is this the Salsa or am i your Salsa?
I don't know but it was 7am when i staggered out into the sunlit streets, sweaty, satisfied, smoking all the way
Good day for the Portuguese!!!

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 1)

So, before I landed in Portugal I became well aware of the dislike that most of the Portuguese have for the Brazilians in their country. I decided to investigate this a little further because a hot Portuguese and a hot Brazilian are still both just hot.

My first day in Lisbon i was propositioned buy no less than 8 Brazilian drug dealers... ok, not so cool for the Brazilians... but when I was about to pass out from the 38 degree heatwave i paused in a really authentic Portuguese cafe' to get a beer and something to eat. It was a tiny spot so everyone around quickly noticed I was English speaking and out of the little crowd of people chatting close to each other really loud a Brazilian traveller came up to me and quickly got to where I was from, if i like guys and if i want to walk around with him for the day as he is also alone. i was more than happy to have someone to hang out with.

He had a map of things he wanted to see, gay things, plotted out with circles and red pen with descriptions...I had a map...of
Lisbon...and the only circle was were i was staying.
I was totally eager to go on his planned day of sight seeing. Unfortunately Portugal is a little conservativ
e to have any sort of 'gay district' during the day, its at night when things happen and men are on the prowl. The only real 'cruising' grounds are the tunnels on the beach which is really just one huge dark room, outside, filled with all kinds of men ready to pretty much do whatever you feel like doing, so cruising is mainly done at night in the large park in the centre.

Anyway, this Brazilian and i walked the streets, in the heat, beads of sweat slowly rolling down our brown necks...definitely time for a cool off, we needed to find a waterhole to bare our speedos and fast.

On the train and off to the beaches.

The water was cool and that Brazilian was fine.
Good day for Brazil, hehehehehe