Monday, August 10, 2009

Some like it hot!

So, after spending a night in a sleeping bag in the station at Porto I finally hop onto a train early the next morning for Coimbra. From there its another train for Spain.

In my confusion i land up going to the wrong cart of the train and I am soon ushered to the correct one only after falling to the floor trying to get my backpack off the rails above our heads. Lucky for me the
change of sleeping areas went from sharing with two hairy women to sharing with two young Canadian boys.

Realizing that this is going to be an 11hour train journey I whip out a bottle of whiskey and some herbal calming meds to get me settled in for some sleep. The sun is pounding through the window so I remove my shirt to keep cool...little did I know I would be heating things up! soon the boys remove their shirts too. I offer some refreshments to which they accept and moments later we are having a little party on the rickety train.

In my slightly drunk and calm state I reach over to the cute Canadian boy in front of me and ask if he has ever kissed a man before...he gets nervous trying to splat out many words avoiding the question but not avoiding his intrigue. I grabbed his youthful, smooth face and kissed those soft lips ever so gently.

So 11hours on a train how was i to pass the time if I could not get some sleep...good old Sex and
the City, its a train and you never know who will be getting on and getting me off...very Some
Like It Hot, heheheh!

So enjoy the Journey guys
Till next time
Happy Hunting!


Dave and Llew said...

Sounds awesome Juanne. Glad to see you're living it up with the sexy guys..mmm

Anonymous said...

I bet you have some stories to tell.