Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 2)

So, the sun starts to go down, around 22h30, its time to wake from the nap to have dinner, with the Portuguese guys I was staying with, at a lovely little restaurant on the other side of the river. But get this, because Im with these Portuguese guys, in a Portuguese restaurant with Portuguese people and everything is in LOUD Portuguese, (I can only speak English) I had swigs from the bottle of wine I was drinking on my own like i was traveling on a train at that moment, propped up on my backpack with my t-shirt and boots off, drying in the open window.

Needless to say my table watched me for a while before packing out laughing, finally something familiar, people laughing at me...I'm comfortable, and the large table of strangers start getting into the silly South African boy that looks Spanish , apparently, who has a soft murmuring English accent. In the end drunk English and drunk Portuguese is all still drunk!

After dinner I was feeling the itch for more, to keep moving, on my own I went to find the bars I was now aware of. On those cobblestone roads where the buildings are so close, everyone
stands outside the ba
rs drinking and drinking and drinking till 2am when the bar closes and i venture off to this
sort of underground club. Must keep moving...!

All i had was the address so when i got there, there was nothing but a door. After three hotties knock on the door and go in, i went straight and knocked on the door and went in. Suddenly Im surrounded by men in this dark club with banging music, a complimentary Vodka Red Bull as I stroll into the sea of dancing men to go splash in the waves, the tanned, muscular waves!

Now the funny thing about not wearing much clothes and dancing in close proximity to other half naked men is that the lines of fore play and dancing are blurred...
are we feeling each other off or dancing? Is this the Salsa or am i your Salsa?
I don't know but it was 7am when i staggered out into the sunlit streets, sweaty, satisfied, smoking all the way
Good day for the Portuguese!!!

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Leanne said...

Good Day for you De Abreu!