Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 3)

Back in Porto, I went for a stroll along the coast, across all the many slivers of beaches that appeared amongst the rocks. I passed a castle and in view was a very large beach. To get there the quickest I decided to go through a tunnel from the castle to the beach...fuck me twice..I totally forgot about what tunnels are used for in Portugal! Suddenly I had a man grabbing at my pants, trying to pull them down and whispering Portuguese into my no no, like a fat woman getting out of her car I had to back the fuck up real slowly as not to disturb the tunnels inhabitants.

From blissfully admiring the oceans waves rolling up against the sandy shores to suddenly having my dick sucked, I was completely freaked out that I simply went to the nearest rock and chilled with my book. My skin was baking and I was flipping round like a burger patty, well done on both sides. I put my book down and noticed that these
rocks became crowded with men in speedos soaking up the suns rays, a sight similar to seal island.

Eventually I turned to the closest guy to get some sun screen. The sights were too good to leave but the sun was too powerful to remain calm. Once the conversation got rolling
I learnt that my sunblock provider was a sexy Brazilian with a very pale complexion, working
and living in Porto. The conversation by the sea turned into cervaja on the beach and ended up
with a shower at his home close by.

I was then invited to join him and some friends for a drink by the river and dinner and at another authentic Portuguese restaurant. Four Brazilians, good wine,
good food and a warm night. Soon we were all drunk and mincing through the streets when we stumbled across a place that looked good for a swim, well at least i thought so. So i take my clothes off and float around in the water while the others decide if they should or shouldn't do the same. My powers of
manipulation came into play and soon i was floating with four naked Brazilians, one from Rio, one from Sao Paulo, one from Santos and the other down south from Porto Alegre!

Good day for Brazil!

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