Thursday, August 6, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Conclusion)

So, being the gay that I am I decide to go back to the rocky surrounds that gets engulfed by men by mid-afternoon. Like a bear seeking out honey I was on the prowl. I found it guys, a cruising ground you wont find out about on the net and as my luck would have it one of the finest Portuguese specimen I am yet to see is lounging two rocks in front of me.

Soon him and I are playing the good old fashioned Simon Says...I remove my shirt, he removes his, I remove my pants he removes his, I go for a swim in the sea and he follows. The
game seems to be nothing but a game so I decide to get dressed and go back home to make some lunch. To my surprise, hottie gets dressed grabs his bike and is moments
later riding up and down the promenade past me. Eventually I build the courage to say Ola. I get an Ola in return before he slows down next to me and begin chatting, all the way home till there is nothing else to say besides 'hey, want to come upstairs?'

In the end I try review my research to form an opinion on the xenophobia in Portugal. Reading over it i realise that all I did was see who had the better men... therefore this study will have to be ruled out as inconclusive for incorrect subject matter studied, hahahahahaha. I wont learn anything from my data besides who was the sexier of the the two cultures
and still then I am going to say that both the Portuguese and the Brazilians ROCK!

Happy hunting Guys
Till next time

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