Are you feeling the need to whip off all your clothes and let it all hangout in front of strangers? 

Sandy Bay beach is the only beach in South Africa where it is (unofficially) considered acceptable to tan and bathe completely naked (water is freezing so bathing is not all that popular, except for that brief moment in summer that brings warm currents on boiling hot days). Situated just south of Llandudno (in Cape Town) it is known for its beautiful white sandy beach, naked sunbathing and surf (when sea swells are large there is a great beach break). As a backdrop there are the jagged peaks of the Twelve Apostles mountain range. The Sandy Bay beach area comprises a number of beaches inter-spaced with large granite slabs.
Sandy Bay is one of Cape Town's most inacessible beaches. The only way to get to Sandy Bay is via a 20 minute walk from the car park or a clamber over rocks from the southern end of Llandudno. The car park is rather small and parking is always a problem - the only solution is getting there early or having to walk a little further. Wooded walkways have been built in some places to protect the vegetation and make things easier for visitors.

It does get windy sometimes, although being enclosed by the moutain backdrop and sand dunes, Sandy Bay has some protection against the wind.
Sandy Bay is popular cruising spot. Most of the cruising takes place at the far side of the beach.  Amongst the rocks and the little maze of green vegetation, the area is lousy with prowling men
There are no shops and no public toilets… really there is nothing but a beach.  Make sure to pack some food and water before you venture out for a day on Sandy Bay.  Dehidration will sneak up on you, especially if you are walking around, cruising every possible corner.
There is some crime in the area, so it's a good idea to go at peak times and in groups.  Petty theft.  However rape has been reported there so I would recommend that the women take precautions.
 A negative of Sandy Bay are the perverts who go to sit up in the vegetation with one hand holding a pair of binoculars and the other used for masturbating. The more brazen come closer and stare. Others keep the cameras and camera phones handy!  It is not tolerated though and a regular to the beach will have no problem telling you to put the camera or binoculars away.

The Beaches by the cliffs.  There are four, and the one you are looking for is number three.  The last steps leading down to the beaches, before you reach all the apartments, those steps are the ones that will lead you straight down to Clifton 3rd.

Go alone, take a friend... or three and go soak up a very relaxing day on the beach.  There is no drinking on the beach, so don't bring your bright pink Daiquiri in a glass bottle and pop it with hopes of finishing it.  But try putting some gin and tonic together in a little sippy cup.  Discretion is the key, yo'.
 So you prefer to strut around in your best looking speedo putting your brand new thigh muscles on display for all to see, then Clifton 3rd is the Beach for you.  The white sand is riddled with beautiful men in tight lycra throughout the summer.  On particularly hot days you will find them running into the freezing water for a cool off.  And that cold water tightens their bodies up so much, covering the skin with sexy little goose bumps.  

The beach has no toilets, or change rooms, or anything really.  Well, you can get a message, rent lounges and umbrellas and even grab a grenadilla ice cream to suck and lick but that is about it.  Everything else you will find on 1st beach and getting there can be a bit of a mission at high tide.

Need to get back on that awesome summer glow... then this is the beach to do it on.  It is really made for nothing else but tanning.  Even if some decide to try play a game of touch rugby, they quickly realise that Clifton 3rd is really a bat and ball kind of beach.