Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surviving Cape Town.

 Give us a T!

So when I arrived in Cape Town it was completely daunting, sure I had come down for a holiday or two but to just pack everything up and move to another city with the hopes of a fresh start and a new life can prove a mightier task than one would initially expect.  On arrival I had misgivings.  The apartments are much smaller and some don’t even have a window.  I am a boy who is use to his two balconies and north facing windows, how am I to survive?  The sun has to blaze into my home, I need it, I live off it, if you look close enough you will see the chlorophyll pigmentation I have in my olive skin.

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From coffee shop to coffee shop the pace of life is exactly the same, slow.  Is it because I am a Jozzie boy and we can’t wait for anything?  Whatever happened to patience?  Or is everyone just smoking reefer?  I was somewhat mollified when I realized I enjoyed the slowed down pace of it all.  After letting my frustration out, like air in a balloon, I deflated to a degree of surprising forbearance.  Was the mountain starting to creep into my soul?  And was I finally allowing the confluence of the two oceans to swirl around my mind and open my eyes to calming perseverance?  Or was I just smoking reefer too?

Give us a C!

Job-hunting is like getting a fly out of your coca-cola, are you really going to drink it when you get it?  After countless interviews for positions, which I am acknowledged as being over qualified for, I finally land a job wiping the counter and serving drinks.  Is this were all my qualifications get me?  Serving drinks to men in towels?  Have I regressed or is this a case of biting the bullet?  How is it possible that a pay check here is considerably less than the one I was getting in Jozzie town and flipping quick lines off at drunken customers in hopes of a bigger tip seems to rack up the necessary cash I need to survive?  Is it all about hustling? The situation proves a little precarious.  Life here all seems to be part of a circle. But a whole series of circles, like an onion, a circle with layers and layers and as the new guy I am not in any circle, I have barely even penetrated the outer skin of that said onion.

Give us an I!

Is it still cloudy?  Why is it not raining?  Why does it just constantly drizzle?  Is it not suppose to pour and clear up.  I feel like I have not seen the sun in ages.  Sometimes I wonder if it will ever come back.  Am I cold?  No, but I find myself thinking day in and day out of when the sun will return to this mountainous seaside city.  It consumes me.  How much longer do I have to wait?  Can I bare it any longer before my skin totally softens up and falls from my body?  I want… I need … I deserve…I, I, I.  I need to calm down!

Give us a T!

Give us a Y…
Because that is all you need to make a break in a new place, TENACITY.  Don’t underestimate the power of never giving up.  Don’t down play the Duracell force of never saying die.  Keep moving on Gaily forward and you shall achieve, you can pierce that outer layer and weasel your way deeper into the circles, getting closer and closer to the centre of it all. 


Underground Dude said...

I would totally be in your circle :)

Awesome attitude to have man. Good luck in Cape Town, and I am sure things will only get better as time goes on.

DeepBlue said...

Great post!

Juanne-Pierre said...

Thanks guys

Mr Lovelace said...

Hahahahahahaha I had to laugh when I read this... Dude... seriously how long have you been in Cape Town??? Ok I've lived here my whole live, so I'm used to it, but it can't be THAT bad... I will admit, finding a job is a bitch... but atmosphere is terrific and the food YUM-O P.S. Stop bitching about the lack of sun, you'll be begging for clouds come Summer time...

Mr Lovelace said...

But its a great post! :) I suppose I'll feel the same when I leave CT... Its kinda like you're leaving a bit of your soul behind, and now you kinda have replace that soul with a new one...