Friday, May 20, 2011

Due Date

This is a pretty cool little flik yo'
What I guess I dug about it was the fact that I could identify with both of the characters.  On one side there is a guy who can't really deal with the fact that his father has passed away and he keeps having little melt downs on the road to letting go.  And then on the other side there is this guy who is at the beginning of a new life and he is afraid of the changes, he has anger problems and has furious little meltdowns.  Now by that definition alone I just outed myself as someone who has emotional and angry meltdowns through my week... hahaha.

Nonetheless I could identify, which always makes a movie enjoyable to watch - when you want to see how it turns out for the characters and therefore how it might turn out for you - at least this way a viewer will view to the end.

It is funny as shit, really got me laughing out loud... and the fucking man sports a perm for crying out loud! And in the end it is a love story, between two men albeit there no sex but who really wants to see those two going at it?  Gross.

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