Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Quick: Piscean Put your Heart away Today

Apparently I am obsessed with one particular thing today...  please.  I think I am usually obsessed.  If something doesn't consume me whole, what is the point in doing it at all?  To live completely, to feel it all and express so little, is that not the role of the fish?  Or maybe I am hesitant of my future...

From a personal opinion, I feel that we the fish look forward and backwards so often that we rarely to look around.  Living in the future or the past, trying to guide through the current while always having that rear view mirror to remind us of where we came from.  Maybe the current could just stop for a minute...?  Or maybe I could just have one 48hour day.  One day where I have double the amount of time to get done everything I need to and want to do.

So, as frustrating as reading the scope might have been, I watched one of the most beautiful sunrises over the city - it was so pink, like a Jozzie sunset - and decided I am going to try focus purely on what needs to get done today.  Now if only I could find a character for the story I am writing, documentary story writing can be so infuriating.

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