Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Tourist

Okay, so I tend to be really slow at seeing things sometimes, probably because I wait for word of mouth telling me what films are out of this world amazing.  I can actually understand why anyone who might have seen the movie probably would not have raved about it, it is totally up its own ass... but I like that.

At first I had no idea what to expect from the movie and I don't want to ramble on about the plot in the spirit that maybe you have not seen it yet.  So pay attention to the fluidity of the entire film, the water, the movements.  Pay attention to the timing, its paced to perfection.  And don't ignore all the sparkle... its there for a reason.

In the end it's a rad little love story.  Like really rad.  Some flawless acting got me totally side tracked exactly the way they wanted me to get totally side tracked and that really was through the acting.

Suddenly violins start rolling, everything moves in slow motion and an 'I love you' is mouthed before a moment of calm.... then bullets fly though the window.  This is the moment you climax.  Enjoy it.

So if you are into odd little love stories give this one a go, its sexy, funny and puts a lovely spin on the whole Love is Blind theory.


Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Like most Americans, I know Angelina Jolie(the trout) to be a really good actress but we haven't really forgiven her for stealing Brad away from America's sweetheart,Jennifer Aniston.

Juanne-Pierre said...

Brad who...
Just Kidding
I guess in my opinion no one is ever really stolen, they usually go willingly.