Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arrogance - He is Like the Wind

So is it merely having an exaggerated sense of gravity and noteworthiness or are our truths - to others - sometimes just easier to swallow when seen as arrogant. Can that sense of importance really be how we see ourselves and in turn the outward appearance of being comfortable with oneself is seen as arrogant to others. When did dignity and honor turn into self obsession? And does our said arrogance's hinder us from making connections with the fellow humans we share our world with?

Here is a little story about arrogance:

A beautiful man is dancing in the middle of the dance floor with his eyes closed. Totally enveloped in the beat. He moves from side to side feeling the music through his bones. This is his moment to try connect with his soul on a deeper level. This is this gay mans version of praying and meditating and attempting to achieve a spiritual connection.

A beautiful boy on the side cannot stop staring at him. Eventually the boy approaches the man but slowly edging his way closer and closer. When he finally reaches his destination he offers the man a drink.

"Why are you bothering me," the man said "What is it you want?

"I just wanted to get to know you" the boy replied.

"Cant you see I am trying to connect with my soul... go away."

"How can you expect to connect with your soul when you can't even connect with a humble soul such as myself?"

Are we too busy worrying about ourselves to see what is standing in front of us offering us a drink?

I wasn't. I took him up on the offer, said yes to that drink and was left to finish it on my own. How did my arrogance get in the way? Was it because I was too excited I was going out on a date? Did that excitement read as desperate and was it palpable? Or is that comfort of meeting a challenge or offer head on a little disconcerting in terms of appearing available but never really being available? Is it because I am not ever really available?

So in the spirit of admitting our arrogance's, here is a song to any man who is ever brave enough to fall in love with me....

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