Friday, May 20, 2011

When is it too much?

I love hair.  I am totally into hairy guys but when is it too much?  When does it go from a preference to a kinky obsession?  And how ill I know I am going overboard?

I guess I sort of have a pattern (of hair) I like... hairy chest, down the stomach to the pubes without anything on the back, sides or shoulders.
Is this asking too much or is it just oddly specific about something that might never really come my way?  And what is it about hair that turns me on... is it purely aesthetic? Is it the way it looks?  I mean you cant exactly run your tongue around a body covered in hair.
I think it is twirling my fingers through black swirls of curling hair that gets me going.  The feel of the tickle on the palm of my hand and the scratching sound it makes when I rub it up and down just warms the cockles of my cockle.

Its just something I am into... you know...

Something I am not into, Golden Showers.
So you see, I was invited to the house of this very wealthy man.  He had a great body, very shy so he did not really make too much eye contact but one drink after the other and I was back at his place.  He had this huge house that I was just not expecting and for the first time I felt like a real estate whore, meaning I did not care who I was having sex with so long as it was up against those windows with that view in the foreground.  Not even a kiss and I had whipped off most of my clothes, standing in a pair of jeans - I figured I should be forward and aggressive to keep the upper hand - unfortunately my dominance opened up the door to a whole other game.  After a clever little sentence I was suddenly pissing in the face of this, what I thought was a, gentleman.  Damn how the dark comes out!

After that I realized I was so totally not into Golden Showers, not my thing at all, and granted I did not judge the man, after all I was standing there doing the pissing for fuck sake... I just thought why the fuck am I doing this?  It is not turning me on, in fact I want to laugh... at myself, for putting myself in a position where I can judge myself... Ridiculous!  So I excused my drunk ass and went home.  My embarrassed stupid drunk ass.

(I just need to say how funny it was to try find a good pic, typing up all the pissing things I could.  Imagine my surprise when Kim Kardashian comes up when you type sexy man pissing, hahaha)

So I think saying I dig hairy guys is starting to seem a whole lot more ordinary and less kinky when you take into consideration what is actually out there. Haha

Each to their own I guess...
Happy hunting!!! (I have not said that in a while)


DeepBlue said...

We all have our kinks!!!
And they change with time mostly.
I do stuff today I never thought I would have done ten-twenty years ago!
And with age, we tend to be less picky.
Hugs :)~

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

I think most of us have been in the middle of a trick and thought, "Why the fuck am I doing this ?"