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This blog is the combination of three things.  the first of which is one of training myself to write in the first person by challenging the words one would use in order to avoid it sounding like a diary piece and more like a first person account of what they are doing.  I feel like the best books I have ever read are always written from the first person account and as I make my way forward towards my first novel I thought it best to get a grasp on how to write in this style flawlessly.

The second is the fascination I have always had with sex in terms of trying to theorize the subject as more than just baser instinct or pure pleasure. Is there more to it?  Does our sexuality play apart in our everyday lives?  Does it feel the same for everyone?

The last reason was trying to create a blog where it all plays out in a gay world, devoid of all the straight perplexities that we as gay guys may endure through our lives.  So why would I totally do a swerve past the plight of the homosexual, well for the simple reason that I sat back one day and thought to myself, what would it be like if we got everything in terms of equal rights, then what?  What do we want then?  Where do we go as gays towards an idea of personal fulfillment?

In the end I am just sharing with hopes that it will enlighten someone out there.  Sometimes funny, sometimes sad and often sexual so enjoy.


Jeff Chandler said...

Hey mister!
Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say howdy and looking forward to following it. Nice mix of topics.
Have a great day!

N!LoC said...

yes.. the whole thing about blogging in "the first person" instead of making it sound like an online diary...

i also try to keep it that way... although i usually find myself blabbing about the past...and dramatc experiences..

nice blog...and u are going up on my bookmark list