Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The move to Cape Town

So, whats a Joburg boy to do when he packs his bags into his car and journeys down south to the mother city for no particular reason other than he wants to...

One month earlier, my lover dumped me. I spent most of the time

pushing weights and watching old episodes of Sex and the City but as the month came to an end I decided it was time for change. There were no pieces for me to pick up because I believed that nothing was broken, I believed he still loved me, I believed we just needed time apart to let the bruises heal. So I moved to Cape Town to be closer to him and also to make a break for a new
life, new adventures and a summer in Cape Town.

I looked for an apartment and found one after searching for one the entire day.

I decided I wanted to go see my lover to see if things were passed the point of no return... and he made it into one of the most awkward evenings I have ever had, so I decided maybe it was best to focus on myself and forget about him.

I tried some meaningless sex, went on a few dates and I did meet one guy
that was really amazing. So i invited him to join me on this halloween party. I was all dressed up like a devil with no clothes. I had the tan and pushing the weights definitely payed off so I was on top form. We were
having a good time until my ex worked in. At that point I was already hammered but the sight of him made me smile from ear to ear that I had to hug him hello, unfortunately that was bad form because I was kinda on a date. The date turned to me, said he didn't want to be a rebound and left before I could say anything.

So I was left, alone, rushing my tits off and being hit on every man that grabbed the opportunity. I still could not resist the fact that I was still in love with him. Now maybe its the outfit, or the fact that I was having a great time but he was drawn to me and after a few drinks he turned to me and asked me to take him to my place. I jumped at the opportunity.

I was totally aware that this might mean nothing but I wanted him none the less. The rest will
sort itself out later.

So, follow your heart guys, its better to be sorry than be safe!

Happy hunting!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


With every step it ways me down
When every breath is not enough.
Lighten the load
Lighten the stress
and lose a little more
of what I need
of who I am.

Am I a bag?
am I to carry it with me
through adolescence,
till age wares down my heavy feet
my heavy legs
my heavy hands.
A heavy head rests on heavy shoulders,
a neck too tight to breath.

Loosen two boots to bare two skin covered feet forced to walk the streets naked.

I am not a bag
I am not a bag!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The queens from the men

So, I have started working at a bar in Cape Town.  Last night I had a guy come in looking for a friend which I told him he can't come in to look for him without paying.  He started to go off on a rant about what a bastard his friend is, how he hopes he rots in hell and that if I see him I should relay the message to him.  

Now in my mind all I wanted to do was get rid of this guy so that the customers coming in weren't greeted by negativity.  With great difficulty I managed to do this.  Eventually at closing time, around 2am, I went off to Bronx for a little drink, or two.

Once a Prince song comes on I made my way to the odd corner dance floor and who do I notice on the bar counter dancing like hookers on the stripper pole, these two men that earlier just confessed how much they hate each other.  I couldn't help but laugh!

I don't think all gays are like this.  Yes I can be very dramatic myself but the idea of confessing my hate to a complete stranger only to lick the the man I hate's back a few hours later on a bar counter is just unheard of.  I don't hold onto a grudge but I would not use words like that lightly or frivolously either.    I just had to share this...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What goes up must come down.

So, here i am in sunny Cape Town. New place, new job, new ventures. Unfortunately I am finding it rather hard to pick up the pieces of my little broken heart. My ex and I hooked up over the weekend which was absolutely amazing. Now I dont know if he was just in the mood to get with me seeing how I was looking smoking hot. I have hope for us.
He is like no one I have ever met. Granted we hit a rough patch but does that mean that the relationship is broken or just bruised. Do I now play it cool, calm and collected when deep in my heart all I want is to know that we are together. I miss him like crazy. Its difficult to concentrate on anything else whole heartedly when I just want to hold him again, touch his face while he sleeps, smell the back of his neck when he turns around in bed and pulls my arms tighter around him.

Its a tricky situation or is it just a game...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paris Gay Pride

So, I still love a Joburg pride. Maybe its because its my home, my place I have been fighting to be Gay, my people, my kinda party but I just do.

Paris pride was huge, loads of men everywhere but I didn't have
that same sense of
actual pride here. I never thought that I would be able to see a collection of gay men in an area that was so different from the ones I know. the difference in culture, like the different gay cultures and not the bear from the twink type cultures. I am not saying that either one is better, I'm saying I know the culture I fit into. this one, here, in South Africa with you guys:-)
I want to say I love being a South African queer!!! You guys rock!

So in the end I did party in the streets, dancing behind a truck with some awesome music... and had my little camera with me all the way!

Slow march now back to London, Heathrow airport.

This brings me to the end of my Euro trip. i finally had the time to write down everything I was jotting down in a little journal of mine.

So when i get the time again I'll fill you in on the drama that was the last month of my life until now.

Till then
Happy hunting:-)

Friday, October 30, 2009


I have had more sex than you...
The rage?
or just misunderstood...?
A time when youthful love making was stolen
A time for exploration of intimacy was robbed
Time that heals is time thats lost.
its time thats lost
the years are gone
One man can come and rape your soul
One man can come and make it whole
Love making done with lovers
Love making done with friends
Love makes love making a lovers game
For lovers fun!

I've made more love than you have done.
Sex! it unravels me
Like a bright and green summer tree
cold airs cool kiss
green leaves
die and fall and flee
the branch of what was once a summer tree.

Springs warmth and summer rains
will come again

New fruit
New leaves
And a brand new summer tree

Sex and Love and Joy and Pain
Tears that hurt
Tears that drain
and time and tears with love and patience
I can once again
Be Whole!


To meet and love
To live and love
to change oneself for oneself
is love, is to love, is to be loved.
To better myself to be better for you!
Living love in youth
and learning to love in life
is learning to love.

Mediterranean Beach Madness

So, Barcelona hey. Its like so totally crazy!

I was lucky enough to be there during a 'little' festival called San Juan. I met some Spanish guys who were kind enough to invite me to join them for the night's party on the gay beach a little North from Barcelona.

The music was
banging but somehow that Spanish rhythm is left strictly for the professional dancers, the people just sit around talking. This did not stop me from rising to my feet and busting a jam on the sand with a little help from a huge McDonalds cup that was constantly filled up with some rum.

Around 2am I was officially drunk and decided to go to the water to try reconnect with myself. Out of the blue this man decided to quietly stand beside me. Being the drunk fool I am I
turned to him and asked if he wanted to swim with me. Lucky for me he spoke english and we quickly whipped off our clothes and submerged in the water. The fireworks that were going off made it apparent that we were not the only two in the water and that this little part of the med was like a soup bowl full of men.

So boys, take the plunge into the water, you never know who might join you and make it a little 'harder' to get out.

Happy hunting!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Batman and Robin, superhero lovers!

"you're my last breath
    You're a breath of fresh air to me
I am empty
    So tell me you're there for me
You're the 1st thing
    and the last thing on my mind
In your arms
    I feel the sun shine"

So, one quiet night in Spain I decided to go through some superhero movies I have not watched yet, Spiderman and Superman.  This got me thinking about Batman the entire time.

Well, you see, both Spiderman and Superman have Mary-Jane and Lois in their lives from the beginning.  Ladies that they constantly hide their true identity from and love with all their hearts.  They have their reasons for doing so too.  However, Batman does not have a lady in his life like this.  He has Robin!   Another man, that he shares everything with, his partner.  This really got me thinking about how gay the Dark Knight really is.  Answer - Really Gay!  Not just the fact that he shares his life with a man but also that Robin only appears in films now and again.  Unlike the S-superheroes Robin comes and goes and is not always around...

So, what have we learnt today.  When you find your side kick, enjoy him, cherish the time you have together, make him as happy as you can and love him completely, who knows how long he will be around for.

Happy Hunting!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Some like it hot!

So, after spending a night in a sleeping bag in the station at Porto I finally hop onto a train early the next morning for Coimbra. From there its another train for Spain.

In my confusion i land up going to the wrong cart of the train and I am soon ushered to the correct one only after falling to the floor trying to get my backpack off the rails above our heads. Lucky for me the
change of sleeping areas went from sharing with two hairy women to sharing with two young Canadian boys.

Realizing that this is going to be an 11hour train journey I whip out a bottle of whiskey and some herbal calming meds to get me settled in for some sleep. The sun is pounding through the window so I remove my shirt to keep cool...little did I know I would be heating things up! soon the boys remove their shirts too. I offer some refreshments to which they accept and moments later we are having a little party on the rickety train.

In my slightly drunk and calm state I reach over to the cute Canadian boy in front of me and ask if he has ever kissed a man before...he gets nervous trying to splat out many words avoiding the question but not avoiding his intrigue. I grabbed his youthful, smooth face and kissed those soft lips ever so gently.

So 11hours on a train how was i to pass the time if I could not get some sleep...good old Sex and
the City, its a train and you never know who will be getting on and getting me off...very Some
Like It Hot, heheheh!

So enjoy the Journey guys
Till next time
Happy Hunting!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Conclusion)

So, being the gay that I am I decide to go back to the rocky surrounds that gets engulfed by men by mid-afternoon. Like a bear seeking out honey I was on the prowl. I found it guys, a cruising ground you wont find out about on the net and as my luck would have it one of the finest Portuguese specimen I am yet to see is lounging two rocks in front of me.

Soon him and I are playing the good old fashioned Simon Says...I remove my shirt, he removes his, I remove my pants he removes his, I go for a swim in the sea and he follows. The
game seems to be nothing but a game so I decide to get dressed and go back home to make some lunch. To my surprise, hottie gets dressed grabs his bike and is moments
later riding up and down the promenade past me. Eventually I build the courage to say Ola. I get an Ola in return before he slows down next to me and begin chatting, all the way home till there is nothing else to say besides 'hey, want to come upstairs?'

In the end I try review my research to form an opinion on the xenophobia in Portugal. Reading over it i realise that all I did was see who had the better men... therefore this study will have to be ruled out as inconclusive for incorrect subject matter studied, hahahahahaha. I wont learn anything from my data besides who was the sexier of the the two cultures
and still then I am going to say that both the Portuguese and the Brazilians ROCK!

Happy hunting Guys
Till next time

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 3)

Back in Porto, I went for a stroll along the coast, across all the many slivers of beaches that appeared amongst the rocks. I passed a castle and in view was a very large beach. To get there the quickest I decided to go through a tunnel from the castle to the beach...fuck me twice..I totally forgot about what tunnels are used for in Portugal! Suddenly I had a man grabbing at my pants, trying to pull them down and whispering Portuguese into my ear...no no no, like a fat woman getting out of her car I had to back the fuck up real slowly as not to disturb the tunnels inhabitants.

From blissfully admiring the oceans waves rolling up against the sandy shores to suddenly having my dick sucked, I was completely freaked out that I simply went to the nearest rock and chilled with my book. My skin was baking and I was flipping round like a burger patty, well done on both sides. I put my book down and noticed that these
rocks became crowded with men in speedos soaking up the suns rays, a sight similar to seal island.

Eventually I turned to the closest guy to get some sun screen. The sights were too good to leave but the sun was too powerful to remain calm. Once the conversation got rolling
I learnt that my sunblock provider was a sexy Brazilian with a very pale complexion, working
and living in Porto. The conversation by the sea turned into cervaja on the beach and ended up
with a shower at his home close by.

I was then invited to join him and some friends for a drink by the river and dinner and at another authentic Portuguese restaurant. Four Brazilians, good wine,
good food and a warm night. Soon we were all drunk and mincing through the streets when we stumbled across a place that looked good for a swim, well at least i thought so. So i take my clothes off and float around in the water while the others decide if they should or shouldn't do the same. My powers of
manipulation came into play and soon i was floating with four naked Brazilians, one from Rio, one from Sao Paulo, one from Santos and the other down south from Porto Alegre!

Good day for Brazil!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 2)

So, the sun starts to go down, around 22h30, its time to wake from the nap to have dinner, with the Portuguese guys I was staying with, at a lovely little restaurant on the other side of the river. But get this, because Im with these Portuguese guys, in a Portuguese restaurant with Portuguese people and everything is in LOUD Portuguese, (I can only speak English) I had swigs from the bottle of wine I was drinking on my own like i was traveling on a train at that moment, propped up on my backpack with my t-shirt and boots off, drying in the open window.

Needless to say my table watched me for a while before packing out laughing, finally something familiar, people laughing at me...I'm comfortable, and the large table of strangers start getting into the silly South African boy that looks Spanish , apparently, who has a soft murmuring English accent. In the end drunk English and drunk Portuguese is all still drunk!

After dinner I was feeling the itch for more, to keep moving, on my own I went to find the bars I was now aware of. On those cobblestone roads where the buildings are so close, everyone
stands outside the ba
rs drinking and drinking and drinking till 2am when the bar closes and i venture off to this
sort of underground club. Must keep moving...!

All i had was the address so when i got there, there was nothing but a door. After three hotties knock on the door and go in, i went straight and knocked on the door and went in. Suddenly Im surrounded by men in this dark club with banging music, a complimentary Vodka Red Bull as I stroll into the sea of dancing men to go splash in the waves, the tanned, muscular waves!

Now the funny thing about not wearing much clothes and dancing in close proximity to other half naked men is that the lines of fore play and dancing are blurred...
are we feeling each other off or dancing? Is this the Salsa or am i your Salsa?
I don't know but it was 7am when i staggered out into the sunlit streets, sweaty, satisfied, smoking all the way
Good day for the Portuguese!!!

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 1)

So, before I landed in Portugal I became well aware of the dislike that most of the Portuguese have for the Brazilians in their country. I decided to investigate this a little further because a hot Portuguese and a hot Brazilian are still both just hot.

My first day in Lisbon i was propositioned buy no less than 8 Brazilian drug dealers... ok, not so cool for the Brazilians... but when I was about to pass out from the 38 degree heatwave i paused in a really authentic Portuguese cafe' to get a beer and something to eat. It was a tiny spot so everyone around quickly noticed I was English speaking and out of the little crowd of people chatting close to each other really loud a Brazilian traveller came up to me and quickly got to where I was from, if i like guys and if i want to walk around with him for the day as he is also alone. i was more than happy to have someone to hang out with.

He had a map of things he wanted to see, gay things, plotted out with circles and red pen with descriptions...I had a map...of
Lisbon...and the only circle was were i was staying.
I was totally eager to go on his planned day of sight seeing. Unfortunately Portugal is a little conservativ
e to have any sort of 'gay district' during the day, its at night when things happen and men are on the prowl. The only real 'cruising' grounds are the tunnels on the beach which is really just one huge dark room, outside, filled with all kinds of men ready to pretty much do whatever you feel like doing, so cruising is mainly done at night in the large park in the centre.

Anyway, this Brazilian and i walked the streets, in the heat, beads of sweat slowly rolling down our brown necks...definitely time for a cool off, we needed to find a waterhole to bare our speedos and fast.

On the train and off to the beaches.

The water was cool and that Brazilian was fine.
Good day for Brazil, hehehehehe

Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, there I was, busting a jam in a club in Porto when suddenly out of nowhere a rather unusual looking Portuguese man with flowing long light brown hair decides to dance with me. Usually I ignore those that try to dance with me in the middle of a groove as it just cramps my style

however this man seemed to be on top form so I gave him a chance.

After one too many cervaja's I decided I wanted to smack a kiss on the face of this man that I probably wont see again…

Why not you may ask, as I asked the very same thing. I am on VA-CA and in the holiday mood and his English is reduced to a few words or compliments should I say, "You are beautiful man", "You're eyes is nice" and "You're feet are good" which at first I did not understand until he pointed to my feet and I realised he just liked my moves on the dance floor.

Thankfully I mastered the word Obrigado and we were in some sort of conversation.

…back to the point. I went in for a quick little curiosity snog on those soft lips before I could whisper Bom Noite into his ears.

Then he whips out a map… weird… points to it and says "Where you stay". Hold on cowboy; I was just looking for a light make out session so I pointed a little to the left. He whips out a pen, circles a bus stop and writes 10H00 on it… weird.

Throwing caution to the wind, I wake up the next day and go to the stop. At first I felt like an idiot waiting for I don't know what but as 207 approaches I see that that cute, unusual looking Portuguese boy is none other than the god damn bus driver and for a moment the snob in me is mortified.

So I get on the bus and only moments later the explorer in me realises I would not have seen the city the way I did. He even packed a lunch for us with wine and I quickly realised that this was one of the sweetest dates I have ever been on. Moxi for improv.

All I can say is snog who you like but don't give it up all at once, you never know when you will be treated like a prince…ss, hehehe.

Happy Hunting guys

Sunday, June 7, 2009

To make an Exit...

So, its my last night in London Town and funny this, since I got my ticket for Portugal its been raining and cold as if London Town's upset I am leaving it, hehehe I have such a glorious time here with the sights and the parks...not so much the clubbing...it feels kinda like London is stuck in 1997 but hey!

So this is a simple shout out to T, the one that made London into nothing I expected, change the way I feel about a city and also reaffirm the things as to why I am not a city boy. Its draining on the soul to try take part in the rat race as the race doesn't start from the beginning just because you arrived nor is it about passing you a batten so you can try keep up. It's like the mid mar mile, you either sink or swim, it's up to you.

So remember those that love you and those you love in return...the ones that make life, life, the ones for the good and the bad and especially those that listen to you and those you give your undivided attention to. Respect yo, hehehehe.

So now begins the track across some of Europe's most amazing beaches and a tan that can last throughout the year...

Happy tracking guys:-D

Friday, June 5, 2009

To shock the girls!

So, one night in London involved four beautiful women, a roof patio in Earls Court and one little herbal e for little old me:-)

Naturally my excitement starts to build as the apparently weak e starts to knock me off my tits and slowly these four women get some very juicy information out of me.

If I can give any gay man advice on how to shock and amaze a girlfriend, in my case four girlfriends, just mention any orgy you have ever been involved in. Now dont pretend you have never found yourself in a situation that included so many arms and legs you would swear Hindu's were praying to you, hehehe. Mine was a fairly memorable experience in a penthouse of a Hotel in Johannesburg. I have never seen mouths open so wide in amazement in my whole entire life. the girls came in closer as if we were talking in confidence. Even the Lady Gaga look alike beauty from Jozzie had to calm down from her role as sole entertainer to try absorb the fascination that is a gay mans sex life:-)

After all the chit chat of sex, dildos and rubber cock rings with vibrating abilities it was time to let the herbal mother fucking e to rage through my blood like a car raging through the streets in a scene from Fast and the Furious. I slipped on a hoody and busted a jam overlooking all these amazing roof tops until my body could no longer stand.

Awesome night girls!!!

So happy hunting guys:-D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

To swim or not to swim...duck pond perils!

So, the heat amounted to something worth a dip in some water but where to go when you are in London? I did not want to go to a public swimming pool, if there are any, I think its just a little gross and you can really do that anywhere. i wanted to do something no one gets to do in London Town. So after a few searches I came across a little place in the north called Hampstead Heath. A beautiful little park with ponds, like little duck ponds. So I got on the underground and made my way to the north to go have a look. When I got there to my surprise I find out that it's in fact really quit cool and also a feeding ground for men on the cruising prowl. Naturally I was there just to take a dip in the cool water, that turned out to be really fucking cold, hehehe, and I was going to bypass anyone interested in a quickie in the park.

But trust the old faithful little speedo to work its magic. Once I got out the water my body was so tight from the freezing water that every little goose bumps just looked hot and everyone wanted to have a chat with the guy in the little green speedo. As I maneuvered through the crowd to try find a spot on the grass where I could lie down and soak up some sun and try equalize my body temp I noticed something with really remarkable eyes. Bingo, I want to lie next to that!!!

After a long time of sitting in the sun, flashing the goods I turned to the blue eyes and asked if he was going to swim. Suddenly this rather watered down Scottish accent started to talk, gotta love the way they roll those r's, even better than the Afrikaans boys back home, hahaha. It did not take long before we moved off to a quieter part of the park where we could really just talk about shit, he grew up here, I grew up there, I like sex in thunderstorms, he likes to shag in the sun and blah blah blah! Do have a new found respect for the Scottish:-)
So next time you are thinking whether or not you should jump into cold water, look around to see who is watching, and if its something good, dive baby, dive!!!

Happy hunting, till next time;-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunny London!

So its been a while since the last time I wrote anything but sitting in the sun in England just prompted me to start writing again...
Yes, you could be asking yourself what the hell am I doing in London. so far my response has been "I'm chasing the sun" and funny enough it seems to be working. My tan has never looked so good in the middle of what is suppose to be my winter.
Now what can I say about London Town...? so many people have come out North in search of something...usually that something is themselves however I think I am too old to try find out who I am. For god sake, if I don't know by now I never will. So what the hell am I doing here? I guess trying to reconnect with the person i am suppose to be. So much got lost over the last year and its time to get hold again.
Now after that little slice of pie, lets get down to the real funnies...
Probably the most amazing thing i have done here was spade a man in an unlikely place. I was out to lunch with T's family, so I was on a family thing even though they are not really my family. Suddenly i notice something with curly dark locks just inside the coffee shop. As I turn to T to ask her opinion the dark and curly turns and has a good look at me. Now if this was the gym I would know I was in there and a few seconds later i would be all over him...unfortunately its not the gym, its Canary Wharf, bankers paradise. All these men in suits and some manly women, hehehe. Now of course I thought it would just be bad form of me to go and ask a man in a suit sitting with work colleagues if he would like to go on a date with me seeing how i am involved in a family orientated lunch. But in the end I thought fuckit, I am totally on VA CA which means i am not suppose to be playing it cool, calm and collected. I got my balls together and decided to ask him if he wanted to join me for a beer. Naturally he turned me down, without a good reason but its still no in the end anyway. As I make my way back to T with my balls now in my throat guess who comes running back...dark and curly!!! He said his work colleagues were so impressed with my approach they encouraged him to come back and ask for my number. WOOHOO!!! What an ego boost!
So in the end what I learnt is go for what you want and you might just get it:-) However, once I got it I didn't actually know what to do with it...!?

So I landed up going for a drink with who is now referred to as Frenchie, for the obvious, he's French. The night turned out to be completely worth the effort and the whole damn experience gave me a new sense of confidence. So go for it guys, spade where you can spade and take no prisoners. The world is your oyster so try nab everything you think is worth nabbing, hehehe.

Happy hunting until next time:-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Boys go Hiking

So the boys and I were off to the slightly mountainous area of Magaliesburg for a hike. Well, get five gay boys in one BM convertible and naturally what will follow is a few beers, a spliff and suddenly fags are hanging out the car screaming odd randoms at strangers, "Aaa-yo...aaaa-bo, woooh-ya".
So the hike was more like a spring break party for a bunch of eager horny teenage girls, tits hanging out and all!
That being said, we were all very well behaved in the end, considering how it could have gotten.

The hike is a short one to the pools, which is really the point. We got there and swam a bit, once the rain seemed like it was building it was a case of 'see if it gets worse or get the hell out of there now!' i was not going to be involved in a news headline "Gays lost on Family hike", so....

...once we returned from the majestic rock pools, we were all ready to cook meat and chow down. unfortunately, yours truly, really came unprepared. Without a plate or spice or even a god damn fork to atleast turn the meat I was left to burn my precious fingers in order to not seem like a total tool. This only after one Mary in particular jam packed the meat on a fire that was near dead. so of course it was a case of removing the meat, re-stacking the fire and blowing. Blowing real good and in a moment the wors was ready.
Now when we were eating a warthog and her baby decided to try beg from us. of course I have a stead fast rule, like a domestic dispute next door, when it comes to wildlife and food never get involved. Never! Obviously the couple of pigs just went to the picnic basket of the hikers having a braai next to us, who had left their stuff for quite a while. Still, i have that rule, do not get involved. Danny to the rescue!
On the ride home, the sunburn was setting in and the sixth awful castle beer was also settling in, I needed something ice cold and super strong to settle me down. We all cracked a shot of Jagermeister, busted a small jam in Kroeg and parted, to kiss the pillow after an amazing day.
Next trip I think will be rafting...lets see how it goes;-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is Joburg in Pink


This blog is run by my friends L & D... its keeps you in gear with a little bit that my Jozzie has to offer.

I met them while I was staying in durban and had the pleasure of staying at their guest house.  what a superb stay and they did not even complain that I am a complete lush.  If I don't provide immediate entertainment, there will definitely be something to talk about when I leave. But I have been welcomed back so I think I was as well behaved as can be considering I poured into bed after the Lounge on numerous occasionshttp://gaydurban.blogspot.com 

Kroeg... the bar

Open everynight from 7pm till the last person leaves.
Kroeg is a new venture into lifestyle bars. Its a themed lounge where a garage meets an elegant dinning room setting. Chandeliers hang over a concrete floor... a playground where dirty and sexy can play together.
Kroeg caters more towards private functions, birthday parties, bachelors, small corporate events or just an amazing diner party for you and your friends. Its home away from home feeling will leave you instantly comfortable and when the night gets darker, the lights come on and its time to dance.
No party too small and no requests too extravagant. for your next small function give me a call (083 603 3729) and put us to the test.
We promise we wont dissappoint you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ride to Nowhere

1st of March, if weather permits, its the ride to Haartes for no real reason and back to Kroeg... Lets see how it goes?


So lets get into what exactly this blog will be about and what you can come to expect from me Juanne-Pierre.  I am the owner of a brand new bar/lounge called Kroeg.  in the bar i have bikes which we have just started to tours with.  As the first year of owning a business comes closer to the end i thought it's time to start writing again.  Writing about my experiences I've had and how they influence me today and ultimately giving you a chance to look into the life of a 26 year old gay man in South Africa.

blah, blah blah...

Basically, if you can appreciate good humour keep reading my shit.  I always find myself in some of the most uncomfortable jams and maybe you might just get to hear about them.  Trust me you will laugh your arse off!!!

So basically this week will entail trying to stop drinking and trust me, when you own a bar its not so easy to say 'i don't want that sundowner'.  Its been 24 hours, still sober and sitting in front of my mac jotting it down. 

This all began early Monday morning when I decided to spend the day at a Day Spa.  I was in for a surprise.  The idea never occurred to me that maybe someone telling me how to relax might just tense me up.  Even more shocking was the fact that sleeping with other people who are awake kinda freaks the shit out of me.  I cant even dose off in the car with friends without waking with my heart pounding fast enough to charge a small town with energy, let alone sleep while a stranger is rubbing my naked body.  
                          Needless to say, I woke up on the border of hysterical.  I jumped off the message table before she could say anything else and dashed off to get dressed.  As quick as I could i rushed out of there and straight home to try relax... my way.  somehow I don't think I'm alone in saying that being forced to relax by a stranger is hardly relaxing, i would much rather take a shorter message from a lover who is feeling me off rather than rubbing me down.  

When I asked around though, to my horror I found 1 individual who thought the same way.

  Maybe we were wrong?  Maybe I need to change?  Maybe I just need to stop drinking... and bingo!  Thats were it started.  Maybe its my horrific detox from a weekend with satan and a bunch of rent boys, Jack, Jameson, Johnnie and the one with the funny accent Jagermeister!  That could be the reason I couldn't relax.  
so this will be step one, if afterwards I'm still uncomfortable Ill try something else, I'm sure there's a reason.
Wishing Me Happy Hunting

Boys Go Hiking

Following in last weeks adventure tour, we are heading out for a hike in the majestic Magaliesburg on the 8th March to catch the last bit of summer rays and maybe take a dive into some crystal clear mountain water.  
Lets try get this group to grow...

A Slice of Gay Pie

So here it all begins.  After one long day, which I'm still in pain from, a bunch of Mary's and Mary lovers decided to hop on a bike and ride out to the bush, out to a lodge, with a bridge, strap ourselves in and jump of the edge.  It was a day for bungee.  The weather was superb and everyone has a burnt patch of skin to prove it, some more than others.  
The day began with a long foofy slide over green trees and bush.  The slow gentle slope sent you cruising down the line with the wind in your hair and ground at your feet.  Now to stop the bungee we were to grab a black rope or else we would just slowly slide back above the dense bush however no-one told 'Ter-bear' that monkeying around while tipping the scales at 90 odd kilos might bring you to a halt above the dense trees without even a sniff of the black rope.  Needless to say it took the skinny 50kilo kid a bit of time to haul Ter's ass up the slope so we could move on to the next thing.  Too my surprise, when we got to the king swing my golden goddess had already gone.  She got strapped in, looked forward and screamed all the way down... or so I'm told. 
Now the swing had a trick to it.  Looking at it you might just think its a grown up sized swing for grown ups.  Maybe.  But when I was hanging and i mean hanging of the edge knowing full well there is no going back, hell i was hanging, it was fall or faint time so I chose the masculine approach of screaming to be dropped and then screaming when i was dropped and screaming until i eventually came closer to the ground.  It was amazing! 
Final step... off the edge.  Time to take the big plunge (eeeuw)!  After alot of thinking I decided to jump.  Once everyone showed me how being the biggest gay pussy was so not hot, i jumped.  It was by far the scariest thing I have forced myself to do as of yet.  My voice has been faint, husky yet sexy for three days now.  In the end, it was totally worth it.  The adrenaline was pumping through my veins like a teenager that just came in his pants for the first time.  It was amazing but not really the jump, the psych up before and the rush afterwards, i felt fuck all enjoyment from bobbing up and down like bad fore play.  I would still recommend everyone try it once.
Once we cooled down it was lunch time, a braai, the lunch for traditional South African folk, meat, meat, potatoes and meat, that was good eating.  So then its back on the bike, heading home to finish the good eating with some sweet lovin'.
And so the gay days keep turning, more adventures to come, more to right and more to read.
Happy adventuring!