Thursday, November 5, 2009

What goes up must come down.

So, here i am in sunny Cape Town. New place, new job, new ventures. Unfortunately I am finding it rather hard to pick up the pieces of my little broken heart. My ex and I hooked up over the weekend which was absolutely amazing. Now I dont know if he was just in the mood to get with me seeing how I was looking smoking hot. I have hope for us.
He is like no one I have ever met. Granted we hit a rough patch but does that mean that the relationship is broken or just bruised. Do I now play it cool, calm and collected when deep in my heart all I want is to know that we are together. I miss him like crazy. Its difficult to concentrate on anything else whole heartedly when I just want to hold him again, touch his face while he sleeps, smell the back of his neck when he turns around in bed and pulls my arms tighter around him.

Its a tricky situation or is it just a game...


Anonymous said...

Do it!

wozzel said...

we only lose when we dont try.
its a crap situation though, and i've been there, done that.. I made the T-shirt in psych ward. ok, not really, but i do feel ya.

throw caution to the wind. the possibilities are endless.