Wednesday, November 11, 2009


With every step it ways me down
When every breath is not enough.
Lighten the load
Lighten the stress
and lose a little more
of what I need
of who I am.

Am I a bag?
am I to carry it with me
through adolescence,
till age wares down my heavy feet
my heavy legs
my heavy hands.
A heavy head rests on heavy shoulders,
a neck too tight to breath.

Loosen two boots to bare two skin covered feet forced to walk the streets naked.

I am not a bag
I am not a bag!


wozzel said...

That’s exactly what baggage is. something that weighs you down. If you are not sure how to rid yourself of it, you should ask someone to help with the load until you are. In the meantime, go with the chant, “I’m not a bag! I’m not a bag”

Nice writing dude.

Justin said...

Great Poem.
Thanks for sharing.