Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The queens from the men

So, I have started working at a bar in Cape Town.  Last night I had a guy come in looking for a friend which I told him he can't come in to look for him without paying.  He started to go off on a rant about what a bastard his friend is, how he hopes he rots in hell and that if I see him I should relay the message to him.  

Now in my mind all I wanted to do was get rid of this guy so that the customers coming in weren't greeted by negativity.  With great difficulty I managed to do this.  Eventually at closing time, around 2am, I went off to Bronx for a little drink, or two.

Once a Prince song comes on I made my way to the odd corner dance floor and who do I notice on the bar counter dancing like hookers on the stripper pole, these two men that earlier just confessed how much they hate each other.  I couldn't help but laugh!

I don't think all gays are like this.  Yes I can be very dramatic myself but the idea of confessing my hate to a complete stranger only to lick the the man I hate's back a few hours later on a bar counter is just unheard of.  I don't hold onto a grudge but I would not use words like that lightly or frivolously either.    I just had to share this...


wozzel said...

I think that’s hilarious. I find, generally, the gay community can be quite OTT. I also find grudges don’t last very long. Maybe too many people want to live in Hysteria Lane? lol. if I have a grudge, you know about it, and I hold onto it. Unless of course it’s a silly tiff between the boyfriend and I – then I would also probably be licking his back a few minutes later. hehe

Justin said...

I've seen more break-ups and make ups in Bronx than on Isidingo.

Juanne de Abreu said...

HAHAHAHAHA... thats great guys! dadadadadaa I'm lovin' it.