Sunday, June 7, 2009

To make an Exit...

So, its my last night in London Town and funny this, since I got my ticket for Portugal its been raining and cold as if London Town's upset I am leaving it, hehehe I have such a glorious time here with the sights and the parks...not so much the feels kinda like London is stuck in 1997 but hey!

So this is a simple shout out to T, the one that made London into nothing I expected, change the way I feel about a city and also reaffirm the things as to why I am not a city boy. Its draining on the soul to try take part in the rat race as the race doesn't start from the beginning just because you arrived nor is it about passing you a batten so you can try keep up. It's like the mid mar mile, you either sink or swim, it's up to you.

So remember those that love you and those you love in return...the ones that make life, life, the ones for the good and the bad and especially those that listen to you and those you give your undivided attention to. Respect yo, hehehehe.

So now begins the track across some of Europe's most amazing beaches and a tan that can last throughout the year...

Happy tracking guys:-D

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Leanne said...

sink or swim :)

Beautiful photo of you and T.