Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, there I was, busting a jam in a club in Porto when suddenly out of nowhere a rather unusual looking Portuguese man with flowing long light brown hair decides to dance with me. Usually I ignore those that try to dance with me in the middle of a groove as it just cramps my style

however this man seemed to be on top form so I gave him a chance.

After one too many cervaja's I decided I wanted to smack a kiss on the face of this man that I probably wont see again…

Why not you may ask, as I asked the very same thing. I am on VA-CA and in the holiday mood and his English is reduced to a few words or compliments should I say, "You are beautiful man", "You're eyes is nice" and "You're feet are good" which at first I did not understand until he pointed to my feet and I realised he just liked my moves on the dance floor.

Thankfully I mastered the word Obrigado and we were in some sort of conversation.

…back to the point. I went in for a quick little curiosity snog on those soft lips before I could whisper Bom Noite into his ears.

Then he whips out a map… weird… points to it and says "Where you stay". Hold on cowboy; I was just looking for a light make out session so I pointed a little to the left. He whips out a pen, circles a bus stop and writes 10H00 on it… weird.

Throwing caution to the wind, I wake up the next day and go to the stop. At first I felt like an idiot waiting for I don't know what but as 207 approaches I see that that cute, unusual looking Portuguese boy is none other than the god damn bus driver and for a moment the snob in me is mortified.

So I get on the bus and only moments later the explorer in me realises I would not have seen the city the way I did. He even packed a lunch for us with wine and I quickly realised that this was one of the sweetest dates I have ever been on. Moxi for improv.

All I can say is snog who you like but don't give it up all at once, you never know when you will be treated like a prince…ss, hehehe.

Happy Hunting guys

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