Thursday, June 4, 2009

To swim or not to pond perils!

So, the heat amounted to something worth a dip in some water but where to go when you are in London? I did not want to go to a public swimming pool, if there are any, I think its just a little gross and you can really do that anywhere. i wanted to do something no one gets to do in London Town. So after a few searches I came across a little place in the north called Hampstead Heath. A beautiful little park with ponds, like little duck ponds. So I got on the underground and made my way to the north to go have a look. When I got there to my surprise I find out that it's in fact really quit cool and also a feeding ground for men on the cruising prowl. Naturally I was there just to take a dip in the cool water, that turned out to be really fucking cold, hehehe, and I was going to bypass anyone interested in a quickie in the park.

But trust the old faithful little speedo to work its magic. Once I got out the water my body was so tight from the freezing water that every little goose bumps just looked hot and everyone wanted to have a chat with the guy in the little green speedo. As I maneuvered through the crowd to try find a spot on the grass where I could lie down and soak up some sun and try equalize my body temp I noticed something with really remarkable eyes. Bingo, I want to lie next to that!!!

After a long time of sitting in the sun, flashing the goods I turned to the blue eyes and asked if he was going to swim. Suddenly this rather watered down Scottish accent started to talk, gotta love the way they roll those r's, even better than the Afrikaans boys back home, hahaha. It did not take long before we moved off to a quieter part of the park where we could really just talk about shit, he grew up here, I grew up there, I like sex in thunderstorms, he likes to shag in the sun and blah blah blah! Do have a new found respect for the Scottish:-)
So next time you are thinking whether or not you should jump into cold water, look around to see who is watching, and if its something good, dive baby, dive!!!

Happy hunting, till next time;-)


jess said...

Love it!

jess said...

ok i'm confused i don't know why it says Jess...but it's me Toni :0)