Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Portuguese vs. Brazilians (Part 1)

So, before I landed in Portugal I became well aware of the dislike that most of the Portuguese have for the Brazilians in their country. I decided to investigate this a little further because a hot Portuguese and a hot Brazilian are still both just hot.

My first day in Lisbon i was propositioned buy no less than 8 Brazilian drug dealers... ok, not so cool for the Brazilians... but when I was about to pass out from the 38 degree heatwave i paused in a really authentic Portuguese cafe' to get a beer and something to eat. It was a tiny spot so everyone around quickly noticed I was English speaking and out of the little crowd of people chatting close to each other really loud a Brazilian traveller came up to me and quickly got to where I was from, if i like guys and if i want to walk around with him for the day as he is also alone. i was more than happy to have someone to hang out with.

He had a map of things he wanted to see, gay things, plotted out with circles and red pen with descriptions...I had a map...of
Lisbon...and the only circle was were i was staying.
I was totally eager to go on his planned day of sight seeing. Unfortunately Portugal is a little conservativ
e to have any sort of 'gay district' during the day, its at night when things happen and men are on the prowl. The only real 'cruising' grounds are the tunnels on the beach which is really just one huge dark room, outside, filled with all kinds of men ready to pretty much do whatever you feel like doing, so cruising is mainly done at night in the large park in the centre.

Anyway, this Brazilian and i walked the streets, in the heat, beads of sweat slowly rolling down our brown necks...definitely time for a cool off, we needed to find a waterhole to bare our speedos and fast.

On the train and off to the beaches.

The water was cool and that Brazilian was fine.
Good day for Brazil, hehehehehe

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