Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something Never-ending?

There is a man, can you see he is a soul without a mind.  And there is another man, just a body without a heart.
Are they missing crucial parts?

I remember the time when I have been out of love before and how it could be with you, next to you and inside of you.
You really hurt me baby. You really hurt me!
How can you have a day without a night?
Like a man with a bucket of water, your love you did pour.
Because you are a book that I have opened and I need to know so much more.
but the source dried up... where are the rains?
A prince?
some gold?
The lies you told
You really hurt me baby.  You really hurt me.

From "Unfinished Symphony"  by Massive Attack

1 comment:

nemo said...

can you see he is a soul without a mind.

most of ppl they couldnt understand to think they can do it ot not :P

i hate guys who think about sex only .. everyone dose love sex .

but that dose not mean relationship = sex only

alot of ppl they think they r no point to be in relationship if they r no sex :S