Thursday, September 9, 2010

D.E.P.O. - Intro

So, here is a little formula I have used since I was a little boy to combat the blues or try reconnecting with oneself.

D - Detox is by far the first order on the road to a brighter, better you. I need to cut out all things I do in excess that are not actually good for me however one in particular is not necessarily bad for me its just something I need to have control over instead of letting it control me. Drugs, alcohol, food and sex.

E - Exercise is step number two. Find a workout that works for you, being a short somewhat stocky guy with stick legs I have developed my own work out routine that best helps me look the way I want to with the natural body I was given. I enjoy looking lean and fairly ripped rather than all muscled up, I think it has something to do with making my legs fit my body and appear more in proportion.

P - Project! Find a hobby, something that most of your friends wont take an interest in, something you can devout your own time to, to spend it with yourself. It provides great clarity, to keep your hands busy and allow the thought process to run wild, it will allow you to answer your very own questions of what you want. I like gardening. I like to make things grow and I like to be outside, so it all works for me.

O - Obsession. Find something you can love that is inanimate. If you focus it on something alive say even a cat or dog you will have to care for it and this program is about yourself, nothing else.
So find something to buy and obsess about. I like engines and if I had the luxury I would throw some money towards a motorbike.

So, I am going to go in depth into each one of these categories so you can maybe pick up some good health tips, recommendations on quick and effective pieces of home gym equipment, and the perfect mulch for the right spots.

Till then...


Mind Of Mine said...

I look forward to reading the next installment. Usually when I am feeling blue, which is often. I tend to drink myself into oblivion or get high, but I guess that falls under D , huh...

Crazeebee747 said...

Love the post. The D rings true for me. When I am not feeling all that sexy, I overdo the work thing and put in the hours. I am rather busy lately, so go figure. Looking forward to the updates ;)