Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D... the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

So, why would alcohol be such a huge problem in my life, I mean I can get trashed when I am partying which is often, maybe just stop partying? Well, you see I dont drink all the time, its not a case of brandy with my corn flakes and so it is not controlling or interfering with my life.

The answer is a personal one because as a person with epilepsy drinking creates a wider gap for a seizure to occur and not to mention that mixing booze and meds together is just plain old dangerously stupid. The booze binges would leave me completely emotional for three main reasons... 1, the alcohol does not mix with my medication. 2, the meds are to be taken specifically at 12 hour intervals which I dont do if I know I will be drinking. 3, I am already an emotional person.

I have not had a booze binge in 28 days but I have had one whiskey and water on three separate days. Even when I went out and had the ever delicious shot of tequila I hurled it right back up. My body is finally catching on that my days of swaying at a bar shooting back tequila shots off of a mans body are over.

My hint for curbing the booze a little - avoid shooters, they are the ones that jump up suddenly and scream "HEY, SURPRISE, YOU ARE DRUNK MO'FO!!" and nobody is attractive when they are plastered.

Till next time.

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