Tuesday, September 14, 2010

D.... it all starts with food.

So, I find it extremely difficult to just stop eating the junk I get use to eating and the craving overwhelms me. This whole little song and dance is actually quite taxing on my mind and on my sleep, when I start to dream of things I want to eat. My point is that food is still controlling me even if it is healthier choices. Plus I do not want to be one of those health folk who can only talk about health food and the beast way to cook an organic skinless chicken breast with broccoli and ginger sauce... I mean it has to be worse than talking about ones job, or the weather. Boring!

I need what I want to eat to flow sort of naturally. I begin with eating berries. Actually overloading on them. Breakfast, lunch, dessert, in between snacks. Fresh strawberries, cranberries and mulberries. They are high in Vit C and rich in blah blah blah....basically they are good for the brain. Its all high in glucose and gets the brain working at maximum efficiency. Plus cranberries are good for the flow of blood ergo no urine infections plus they aid in preventing testicular cancer. We must do what we can to keep our bits in pristine condition.

Time to grow a mulberry tree and a fair sized strawberry patch (you will need to plant about 50 to get a patch that will produce enough for a small family over the season).

And what you will notice after choosing a fruit that you enjoy eating and eat it regularly you will find yourself craving them, needing them, wanting them. Slowly the need to pop the packet of caramel covered popcorn will subside.

My hint for a better diet - dont subtract just add, add the good things, your body will find the balance.

Till next time.

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Crazeebee747 said...

Amen to your hint for a better diet!

I decided a few months ago to stop doing the control what I eat and start looking towards my body finding a natural balance and work from that space. It is such a different game when you decide that it is time to trust in the voice of your body.

So my body has swung the other way and yes I did gain weight. But I if I am going to eat healthy it must be because it is a natural evolution and not because I am forcing it because that is just not sustainable.

The good news, I think I am naturally eating some healthy stuff and there are the occasions where it is junk. But slowly I am moving in the right direction. So good to know that there is more out there starting to trust in their body's voice.

Good luck with your venture.

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