Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It all starts with being able to do some simple exercises at home before we can graduate to iron man. Sit ups, push ups, jumpin jacks, all part of getting ones body back to a machine and not just a simple vessel which we use to get from restaurant to restaurant.

I love my bar bell and dumbbells... its the perfect little instrument to leave next to the bed so I can do a few reps throughout the day, plus I have to build these tiny little pecs no sex yo!

The bar is perfect to build the core which is by far the most important part to concentrate on as it builds strength, I mean there is nothing worse than looking like He-Man but not being able to hold someone up while you fuck their brains out. So build your core, it might not change the muscles that form the bases of delicious when we talk about a mans body...pecs, biceps, triceps and shoulders, but it will give you the strength to maintain positions you never thought possible.

My routine for strengthening my core include about 8 simple exercises with the golden rule of three reps per set. There are many exercise out there I find that the ones using weight work the best, I am not a skinny little dancing fairy here, pilates just wont cut it.

Here are some home style gym equip that helps out in a big way...

Till next time:-D

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